ToughPigs Halloween Parade 2022!

Published: October 28, 2022
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Happy Halloween, Muppet fans! It’s that special time of year when we all dress in ridiculous costumes and stuff our faces full of candy. Okay, so that’s what we do year-round, but now everyone else is doing it too. And with all these crazy costumes out and about, we’re bound to see some Muppet-themed ones. And if we see ’em, we’re gonna share ’em!

Every year for the past 20(!) years, we’ve been scouring the internet to collect all of our favorite Muppet, Sesame, and Henson-related costumes. We’re consistently blown away by the creativity of some cosplayers, and it’s such a treat to witness dedicated Muppet fans in the wild. That’s why we’re excited to share the latest installment of the ToughPigs Halloween Parade!

If you’re dressing as a Muppet this Halloween, or if you see a Muppet costume out in the real world, please be sure to email them to us for use in next year’s Halloween Parade. And now – on with the Parade!

Let’s start things off with a bang! (Sorry, no Crazy Harry outfits this year… I hoped I could’ve summoned one with that comment.) These folks are all celebrating their love of The Muppet Show with some fluff, feathers, and mustaches. I appreciate how a Swedish Chef costume doesn’t feel complete without a stuffed chicken, just as a generic “old man” outfit becomes a Statler or Waldorf once they pair up. The casual Gonzo and Fozzie outfits could be worn year-round, and while that Sweetums looks terrific, I just worry about that doomed Kermit in his mouth.

I’ve seen a lot of Count Von Count costumes in my day, and it’s nice to see someone remember that he can also be a spooky vampire who hangs out in graveyards. He’s a killer, and we should fear him!

Y’know, those Dark Crystal characters are already so intricately detailed, I’ll never understand how any cosplayer would even begin to emulate them. From the creases in a Skeksis face to the wings of a Gelfling – the Frouds would be proud.

Hey, that’s our pal Matthew Gaydos from the Kermitment podcast! Matthew is seriously nailing that Caroll Spinney outfit, with perfect details right down to the monitor strapped to his chest. What a perfect way to homage the man who brought Big Bird to life.

Kermit and Miss Piggy always have their fair share of cosplayers. Frankly, I don’t know why Disney doesn’t just sell pig snouts, pointed collars, and ping pong balls. They’d make a fortune every October.

Ever wonder what’d happen if you left a Muppet out in the sun too long?

Fraggle Rock has a new series on Apple TV, so I expect we’ll see an uptick in Fraggle costumes in the coming year. So, more pom-pom pigtail wigs, banana tree shirts, and homemade baloobiuses. I gotta give extra props to the dedication of the spraypainted shirtless Doozer, as well as anyone who decides to cover themselves in garbage just to pay homage to their favorite Fraggle Rock characters. Well done!

What a clever way to carry your little trick-or-treater around! And that Bruno doesn’t even need to worry about puppeteering their baby Oscar.

Wow, now talk about a deep-cut! This incredible cosplayer is dressed as Miss Piggy from Muppet Treasure Island!! Without the accompanying photo, you might think she’s just a fan of leopard print and feather boas, but that costume is delightfully spot-on.

I’ve been having this recurring nightmare about a monstrous lizard and a ferocious bear teach me how to ride a two-wheeler and OH MY GOD IT WASN’T A DREAM!

The family that cosplays as a group of ragtag variety show performers stays together.


Strangely, these two didn’t deliberately dress as Gary and Mary from The Muppets. They’re just trendy boomers.

I’m loving all the tiny details in this Jim-and-Kermit duo costume. The headband, the flipper slippers, the “dad sweater”, and the arm rod. This isn’t just parenting done right, it’s hope for a new generation of Muppet fanatics.

Okay, it’s time for us to fess up. This is how ToughPigs really started – with a Kermit the Frog death cult. We were recruited young, but it all seems to have worked out so far.

I’m fascinated by this family’s Labyrinth group costume. Every one of them is perfect – Tiny Ludo, Giant Didymus, Pirate Hoggle. I wish my parents loved me enough to dress me up as an old lady carrying all my belongings on my back.

I mean, seriously. Look at this kid as the Worm! Bloody brilliant.

This is what happens when you cross the Muppets with Rocky Horror Picture Show. And hey, they could’ve included a Tim Curry cosplayer and it still would’ve worked for both franchises!

Look, my senior prom was… memorable. Let’s leave it at that.

I adore these Electric Mayhem cosplayers. Each one of them is terrific in its own way. If only these four all got together and, I dunno, started a band or something. They’d probably get their own Disney+ series.

Bean Bunny! It’s a Bean Bunny costume! Have you ever seen something so delightful in all your days??

Every year we find one particularly impressive Sweetums costume. This year, the role of Sweetums will be played by this bush.

The winner of this year’s parade is this spectacular Frank Oz costume. We’ve seen Jim Hensons and Caroll Spinneys, but it’s rare for anyone to truly capture Frank’s essence, his panache, his… mustache. The cosplayer in question is a bit of a ringer – professional costume artist Rob Johnston – but he certainly put in the work to put him head-and-shoulders (and ‘stache) above the rest.

And that’s a wrap on this year’s ToughPigs Halloween Parade! Thanks to everyone who sent us photos, and be sure to send us all your Muppet costumes for next year’s Parade!

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