Halloween Parade 2008!

Published: November 9, 2008
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There’s only one thing I like more than eating my own weight in Milky Ways, and that’s dressing up as my favorite Jim Henson creation. Actually, I’m a little too lazy to try and design an accurate Sherlock Hemlock costume, so I might as well live vicariously through the people who bothered to make the costumes themselves.

So without further ado (though I make no promises that there won’t be a little ado by the end of this article), I bring you the latest installment of ToughPigs’ Halloween Parade!

Don’t forget, clicky clicky the pictures to make them biggie biggie.

Here’s some group shots of some Muppet Show characters to start us out. Never has there been a better use of papier-m?ɬ¢ch?ɬ©. I’m a little surprised at the number of Zoots, though there’s always room for more Zoots in the world. Note the bottom left image, which contains Muppet Show guest star Loretta Swit.

Here’s a few random Sesame Street characters. I’m shocked, simply shocked, that Bert is hanging out with Rubber Duckie. But my shock has abated after seeing The Count’s abacus.Beaker, as always, is a popular character. I wonder if he feels safer in a car with Miss Piggy than in Bunsen’s lab. I’d ask Bunsen, but apparently he’s busy eating that guy’s face.
Super Grover is one of my favorite costume ideas. That first guy makes me want a Super Grover hoodie for myself. And apparently, if I ever own a dog, that’s how I’ll dress him. Every day.
The Swedish Chef is a simple costume, so I’m always happy when someone goes that extra inch to make it more recognizable than a short-order cook. Like a scruffy moustache, or a baby dressed as a chicken, or hanging out with Zoot.
This is a pretty weak Red costume, but a well-done Gobo! I’d say that the banjo makes the costume, but really it’s the yellow shirt and vest. Five seconds after this picture was taken, Gobo and Red started making out.Ah, now this is how to do a Red costume. Pom-pom hair, furry feet, a tail, yellow tights, and GIANT EYEBALLS! I know whenever I think of Red Fraggle, the first things that comes to my mind are eyes that can peer into your very soul.
None of these Cookie Monster costumes are anything to write home about, but the accessories are. A girl dressed as a cookie! A grouchy pal! Being on the equestrian team! Being a dog!Hey, it’s Kermit!
Hey, it’s Piggy!
Hey, it’s Kermit and Piggy!And in case you were wondering what Kermit and Piggy’s lovechild would look like…
Those two old guys in the balcony are pretty funny. I’ll ask them what their names are once they wake up.
Aw, don’t be so sad, Sad Elmo! Cheer up! I know what you need: a good tickle! No? Ok, fine. Be sad, Sad Elmo. See if I care.
Funny, I never thought of the Snowths as being Mahna Mahna’s lady groupies, but somehow this picture makes it seem plausible.
Why would someone dress as Lew Zealand? Just for the halibut.
The laziest costumes in the history of history:
Ever wonder what Janice would look like if she was designed by Guillermo Del Toro?
I know I made this joke last year, but I’m constantly surprised when a guy dressed as Gonzo convinces his girlfriend to dress as a chicken. At least she didn’t insist on him wearing his chili pepper shirt.

I normally wouldn’t post this picture, because they look like Fraggles, but they very well might not be. But that one in the middle is obviously Boober. And maybe you can identify the Fraggles/ravers I couldn’t.Those are some pretty rad Gobo and Red costumes, but I’ve never seen anyone actually dressed as Fraggle Rock! I hope he doesn’t accidentally eat any of that insulation though.
So, do you think her head comes off? More importantly, do her pants?
Today was the day when I realized that Dr. Teeth looks like a hobo.
Crazy Harry, on the other hand, has always looked like a hobo.Someone call Wayne Szalinski, we’ve got a Doozer that needs shrinking.
That’s right, it’s a Bruno costume. I heard that’s how Caroll Spinney came up with the idea.
Jareth from Labyrinth was another popular costume idea. The crystal ball is a nice touch, but the baby Toby is a nicer one.
No Halloween Parade is complete without one Sweetums costume. But just one.No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a Rowlf Cerberus costume.
In case you were considering dressing as a Yip-Yip Martian for Halloween next year, it’s been done.
Oh, and kids sometimes dress up for Halloween too.
Thus ends the Halloween Parade for this year. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Butterfinger with my name on it.

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