ToughPigs Halloween Parade 2021!

Published: October 29, 2021
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Happy Halloween, Muppet fans! Our third-favorite thing about the holiday (after candy and more candy) is getting to see all the great Muppet, Sesame, and Henson costumes out there in the world. Some costumes are brilliant, some are expertly made, and others are… others. And we love them all.

We’re proud to share this year’s batch of our favorite Muppet costumes since last Halloween! If you have a great Muppet costume, or if you find any online that you love, please be sure to email them to us for use in next year’s Halloween Parade!

Somehow, this is the least weird I’ve ever seen Gonzo act. Unrelated: Anyone know where can I buy a burgundy tuxedo?

As always, the Leprechaun Brothers trio prove to be popular costumes. It must be nice to not have to say anything through an entire Halloween party.

I’m loving this baby Mahna Mahna, who I never noticed already looks a bit like a baby.

Wow, these Dinosaurs costumes! It’s great to see people who care about the classics (even if those classics are 30 million years old).

Yes, that’s Bert Reynolds. Hey, I don’t write ’em.

Here’s just a few of our favorite Muppet Show family costumes. I’d hoped there would be more since The Muppet Show hit Disney+ within the last year, but nah. We’re expecting everyone to double their efforts next year! Don’t let us down!

I love seeing Labyrinth and Dark Crystal-inspired costumes, and I love it even more when they’re so movie-accurate! And even more when they’re so huge! Incredible.

The bats just sort of follow this Miss Piggy around. Spooky.


For most people, these Tea Lizard meme costumes would not be their business. But my business is cataloging and commentating on Muppet costumes. So I am the sole exception for the business that is Tea Lizard cosplay.

It’s our annual Sweetums find! This Sweetums is covered in wool, making me worried for the potential overheating of the Richard Hunt cosplayer inside.

Aw yeah, I love when Muppet fans dress in hyper-specific costumes, like this costume-within-a-costume from the 2011 Muppets movie.

…When you saw only one set of footprints, it was then that Cookie Monster carried you.

Here’s model Gigi Goode (as Kermit) along with a bunch of her burlesque friends in an epic Muppet and Sesame Street mashup. What a fun, sexy time for all of us!

I choose to think that most Yip-Yip costumes are just people who accidentally left their houses wearing a blanket. Happens to me all the time.

Nice to see some Fraggles heading into Outer Space for Halloween this year!

Sorry for the low-quality of this pic, but I couldn’t resist the epic (and homemade) crossover between a frog and an alien.

Muppet Babies, they’ll make your NIGHTMARES come true!

If I had a page and a half, I couldn’t list everything disturbing about these costumes. They just get worse the longer you look at them. Chilling.

Wow, not one but TWO zombie Jim Hensons this year! One with the corpses of Kermit and Piggy, and another with zombie Shari Lewis. Tasteless, and yet I’m jealous of the inventiveness of it all.

Every year, we give the worthless award of Best Costume to one amazing Muppet outfit. This year, I simply can’t decide! And I don’t have to, because it’s my website and I can do what I want and so there. Our first winner – out of two – is Ma and Pa Gorg, with their puppy Junior. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ma and Pa outfits, and these two knocked it out of the park. Very, very well done.

Our second winners are the Two-Headed Monster!! This casual cosplay is to be applauded, both for their inventiveness, as well as the subtle differences between the left head and the right head. Amazing job to puppeteers Jake Bazel and Weston Chandler Long for pulling this off so brilliantly!

And thus ends another ToughPigs Halloween Parade! We hope you enjoyed it, we hope you have a great actual Halloween, and be sure to send us all your Muppet costumes for next year’s Parade!

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