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Which Muppet Should Pete Davidson Date?

We started writing about which Muppet Pete Davidson should date, but we may have gone off track a little…

Bert’s Nephew Brad: The History of a Cute Baby Muppet (and His Teeth)

Do you remember Bert’s nephew Brad? Did you know he had TEETH?!

The Fraggle Foodie: Summer Treats

We’ve got some recipes to beat the heat this summer. Most of them contain radishes. And one is not good.

On The Offensive: Muppet Treasure Island

It turns out some people don’t like Muppet Treasure Island much. So we’re going to defend it with everything we’ve got – namely evidence.


RIP Olivia Newton-John

RIP Olivia Newton-John

Remembering the Grease star, who was featured in an issue of Muppet Magazine.

2022 Hallmark Ornaments

2022 Hallmark Ornaments

Animal and Elmo (with Tango) are a part of this year’s Hallmark ornaments line!


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