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ToughPigs to Sell NFTs!

We finally found a way to share our love of Muppets with the world: NFTs!

Why ToughPigs NFTs Are Good, Actually

The best way to engage with our brand IP is to give us $60. Here’s why!

Just What the Heck Is an NFT? A 100% Accurate Explainer

What is an NFT, anyway? Move over, Clarissa — ToughPigs explains it all!

Bad News: Tough Pigs NFTs Have All Been Stolen

AIIIIIEEEEE! Our NFTs! Somebody stole our NFTs!


Adam Savage Meets Some Fraggles

Adam Savage Meets Some Fraggles

‘Mythbusters’ and ‘Tested’ host Adam Savage recently got to meet Gobo and Mokey Fraggle, along with their Silly Creature friends John Tartaglia and Donna Kimball!

Kermit the Watch

Kermit the Watch

There’s a new watch with Kermit’s face on it.


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