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Fraggle Rock: 40 Years Later – “Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk”

Gobo gets trapped in Outer Space in an episode that should be screened at corporate meetings.

NFT-Oh No: Sesame Street Gets Into the NFT Biz

Sesame Street is entering the NFT racket, and we think it’s an awful idea.

Grover’s Mom and the Most Important Moment in Muppet Fan History

How Grover’s Mommy directly led to the creation of the Muppet Wiki!

ToughPigs Spoofs MORE Movies – Babybearian, Weirdo, Wocka Wockanda Forever, and MORE!

We can’t help ourselves! Even MORE Muppetized movie spoofs!



To Introduce Our Guest Star #20: Season 2 Wrap Up

To Introduce Our Guest Star #20: Season 2 Wrap Up

Joe and Jarrod wrap up Season 2 with a chat about a guest who forgot to show up, terrible audio, the insanity of talking to Frank Oz, and coming incredibly close to getting a real Dame on the show!

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