My Weeks with The Jim Henson Hour

Published: April 14, 2014
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The Jim Henson Hour Jim and the gang

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Jim Henson’s ambitious, short-lived anthology series, Ryan Roe and Anthony Strand watched and reviewed every episode.

Part 1: Outer Space/The Heartless Giant (Aliens, giants, and Louie Anderson!)

Part 2: Oceans/Lighthouse Island (Ted Danson kills all the fish, and Lighthouse Island is unforgivably dull)

Part 3: Power/The Soldier and Death (Kermit goes on vacation and devils are awesome)

Part 4: Dog City (A city full of dogs and dog puns)

Part 5: First Show/Miss Piggy’s Hollywood (Kermit and Jim Henson both struggle with ratings, Bobby McFerrin scats with graffiti, and Miss Piggy almost hooks up with Dudley Moore)

Part 6: Monster Maker (The Jim Henson Hour gets dark, with a British kid, a dragon, and Harry Dean Stanton)

Part 7: Fitness/The Song of the Cloud Forest (We meet a golden toad named Milton and Jim Henson steals the spotlight)

Part 8: Videotape/The True Bride (MuppeTelevision finally starts to make sense… by admitting it’s all fake)

Part 9: Garbage/Sapsorrow (An episode that’s full of garbage manages to be innovative)

Part 10: Secrets of the Muppets (Jim Henson tells us everything we always wanted to know about Muppets but were afraid to ask)

Part 11: Living with Dinosaurs (A Jim Henson Hour episode that’s pretty much a Calvin and Hobbes movie)

Part 12: Food/The Three Ravens (The last episode… Does it end things on a high note?)

Part 13: Inner Tube (Before The Jim Henson Hour, there was the Inner Tube pilot, and it was really weird and off-putting)

Part 14: The Pitch Reel (Jim Henson’s original concept for his anthology series was even more crazy ambitious than the final product.)

Part 15: Final Thoughts Part 1 (Ryan and Anthony discuss the flaws and merits of The Jim Henson Hour’s MuppeTelevision segments, and have a fierce debate about Bootsie and Brad.)

Part 16: Final Thoughts Part 2 (In the final installment of our Jim Henson Hour series, Ryan and Anthony discuss the show’s fascinating weirdness.)

by Ryan Roe and Anthony Strand


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