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Published: March 8, 2016
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To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Muppets’ all-too-short return to primetime network variety, Ryan Roe and Matthew Soberman watched and reviewed every episode.

Part 1: Michelle Pfeiffer & Garth Brooks (The Muppets debut a different kind of show, and Garth Brooks is very funny)

Part 2: Billy Crystal & John Goodman (The future Mike Wazowski and Sulley guest-star as Miss Piggy fakes a sneeze and Andy & Randy are either hilarious or excruciating)

Part 3: Cindy Crawford & Tony Bennett (New characters take center stage as Bobo develops a crush on a supermodel and Johnny Fiama meets his idol)

Part 4: Sandra Bullock & Jason Alexander (A low-rated Muppet show does an episode about ratings, and Gonzo has creative differences with a guest star)

Part 5: Whoopi Goldberg & Martin Short (The show discovers the joys of music videos, and Johnny Fiama insists you eat his ma’s sauce)

Part 6: Prince & Rick Moranis (Prince does comedy, Rick Moranis sings, and two since-forgotten Muppets hit their peak)

Part 7: Heather Locklear & Pierce Brosnan (A song about coffee steals the show, and the reigning James Bond is great at being awkward)

Part 8: Coolio and Don Rickles & Paula Abdul (A storyline-heavy episode introduces a fishy villain, and Robot Lincoln runs amok in a first-season leftover)

Part 9: Dennis Quaid & The Cameo Show (Clifford’s importance is questioned, and Kathy Ireland earns 4 out of 5 Doglions)

Part 10: The Best of Muppets Tonight & The Gary Cahuenga Episode (Gonzo and Rizzo show us stuff we’ve already seen, and the titular dummy comes out of hibernation)

Part 11: Andie MacDowell & Johnny Fiama Leaves Home (The series ends with two strong episodes, as Bunsen goes through an identity crisis and Johnny clashes with his mama)

Part 12: Final Thoughts (Ryan and Matthew wrap things up with a discussion of favorites, least favorites, and… what’s up with Mr. Poodlepants, anyway?)

by Ryan Roe and Matthew Soberman


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