Muppet Fan Halloween Parade 2002 Part 5

Published: October 31, 2002
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So what’s worse, really: Being a Muppet fan, being a Rocky Horror fan, or being a Muppet fan and a Rocky Horror fan? I have to confess that — while I don’t go out and shout “Asshole!” at movie screens anymore — there was a time in my life when I, well, did.

I was young, okay? And there just isn’t that much for a gay teenager to do in the suburbs. And it did kind of get me my first boyfriend. And I didn’t go every week. And it’s not like I dressed up as Columbia that often. Eat your heart out, Ann Miller!

At this point, I’m sure that all of the Tough Pigs readers who had healthy childhoods have no idea what I’m talking about. Wait, what am I saying? None of you had healthy childhoods. Well, let’s carry on then.

All of these photos are taken from the website of the Vicarious Theater Company, a group of Rocky Horror fans in Seattle, who are still — frog bless their little tranny hearts — spending every weekend of their precious young lives rockin’ the house like it’s 1979. These fine young cannibals performed two versions of The Rocky Horror Muppet Show in ’98 and ’99, and now I’ve stolen all their pictures. It was great when it all began…

Sooo-eeee Transvestite

Who’s to blame? ZOO’s to blame!

A Wild and an Untamed Thing

Same room, different filter


All’s fair in love and warts

It’s not easy having a good time…

spending each day the color of the leaves…

Dammit, Kermit!

Sing fast, pig, you got shot last week!

Okay, everyone, gather up your toast and your feather boas, and clear the theater… That concludes our trip to Transsexual Transylvania, land of night and high electric bills. And would you believe I still have more Halloween pictures coming up later this week? I’ve tasted blood and I want more, more, more!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

by Danny Horn


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