ToughPigs Art: Myth Piggy Outtakes and More!

Published: April 25, 2009
Categories: Art

As you can imagine, ToughPigs’ own Peter Savieri went through a few drafts before finishing his popular Myth Piggy series (all of which you can view here). Lucky for us, he’s got a few of those images to share with your eyeballs!

First up is the first version of Miss Piggy as the Lady of the Lake. Says Peter, “I did this one first, then realised I’d veered into more of a spontaneous moment area, rather than an iconic pose… So that’s why the more classic-yet-funny closeup for the official Lady of the Lake.”
Next is an image done after the Myth Piggy series ended. By request, it’s Miss Piggy rising from the ashes as a Phoenix.
Thirdly, we’ve got an image from ToughPigs’ own Tony Whitaker, who painted this awesome picture of Jim Henson amidst a veritable Easter egg hunt of references to his characters and career. Can you spot all of them??
Special thanks to Peter and Tony for their amazing artwork!

Click here to rise from the ashes on the ToughPigs forum!

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