Never-Before Seen: Muppet Babies Playground Portraits

Published: June 17, 2024
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When the recent Muppet Babies series debuted, one of our favorite hobbies became searching the backgrounds for easter eggs. The animators – huge Muppet fans themselves – humored us by slipping in references to various Muppet characters via the “Playground Portraits”.

As much as they would’ve loved to have triple the cast on the animated series, apparently it’s pretty expensive and complicated to introduce an entire character for the show. So instead, they delivered some of their dream cast via portraits on the nursery wall.

Matt Danner and the Muppet Babies team have graciously allowed us to share the complete collection of Playground Portraits, which have never been seen outside the show. Below, you’ll find characters who never appeared on Muppet Babies, as well as some early versions of characters who would later get a proper introduction.

Take a peek, and enjoy!

Many thanks to Matt Danner for sharing these terrific images with us!

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