ToughPigs Spoofs the Oscars: Barbeaker, Oppenharry, Elmaestro, and MORE!

Published: March 6, 2024
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The Academy Awards are coming up in mere days, and we’re excited about them despite the fact that not one Muppet movie got nominated for anything this year. Sure, there hasn’t been a new Muppet movie in a decade, but that won’t stop us from picketing outside the Dolby Theatre.

Since there are no Muppet movies nominated for Best Picture, we had to add Muppets to all ten of this year’s nominees. As we do every year, we’ve gone ahead and Frankensteined all these movies as if they’re weird Muppet parody posters. Who knows, one of these might actually be win an Oscar.

And hey, that’s not all! Come on back to ToughPigs this week for even MORE Muppetized movie spoofs! They’re gonna be weird. You’ll love ’em.

And without further ado – let’s look at some Oscar nominated movie spoofs starring the Muppets!

Don’t forget to check out even more of our Muppetized movie spoofs coming to ToughPigs later this week!

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