ToughPigs Spoofs MORE Movies – Camilla, Comedy Bear, and MORE!

Published: March 7, 2024
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Just yesterday, we shared this year’s batch of Muppetized movie posters based on all ten of the Best Picture nominees. And hey, they’re pretty fun! We only wished there were more Best Picture nominees so we could’ve made more!

Oh, who needs the Oscars?? Inspired by our parody posters, we decided to just go ahead and make even MORE Muppet movie spoofs! Yes, we’re going back through the past year and cherry-picking some of our favorite (or least favorite) movies to improve with the existence of Muppets. And much like our Best Picture nominee spoofs, we did our best to mimic the original movie posters, with the obvious addition of some familiar faces.

We hope you enjoy even more of these ridiculous Muppetized movie poster parodies!

After “Beau Is Afraid”
After “Priscilla”
After “Cocaine Bear”
After “80 for Brady”
After “Blue Beetle”
After “Knock at the Cabin”
After “Nyad”
After “The Super Mario Bros Movie”
After “The Killer”
After “Wonka”

Thanks for playing along with us! And enjoy the Academy Awards this weekend!

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