ToughPigs Art: Katie Cook!

Published: July 11, 2009
Categories: Art

Every so often, we’re lucky enough to stumble upon a talented artist with a good deal of Muppet illustrations in her portfolio. And sometimes we’re even luckier because she agrees to let us showcase her work here on ToughPigs.

We’re pleased to present artist Katie Cook, who has a lot of geeky illustrations on her website including Star Wars, Harry Potter, DC and Marvel superheroes, and more.

First up is a group of trading card-style pictures of all your favorite Muppet Show characters (and Gonzo in that weird jumpsuit the Palisades folks put him in). The second pic is Kermit and Piggy dressed as DC Comics’ Green Arrow and Black Canary. Or if you don’t know who they are, feel free to pretend they’re Robin Hood and a hooker.

Next up is Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem and the Riverbottom Nightmare Band. Can you imagine the two of them at a Battle of the Bands? My eardrums are already vibrating.

Lastly, we’ve got a quintet of Fraggle Rock illustrations. Now that we know Fraggle comics are on their way, I hope the folks at Archaia Comics are paying attention!

UPDATE: Looks like one more image slipped past my radar. Here’s a sketch Katie did with a helmet wrapped in a bow (and, y’know, Gonzo and Camilla or whatever).
Special thanks to Katie Cook for being supertalented and superawesome!

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