ToughPigs Election: President Ernie!

Published: November 4, 2008
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With an outstanding 61% of the vote, Ernie has been elected President! Thanks to the great voter turnout at the ToughPigs forum, President Elect Ernie, along with his running mate Bert, will soon be moving from Sesame Street to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Gobo and Red Fraggle received 32% of the vote, and conceded the election to Ernie from his home in Fraggle Rock. He will continue to serve as Explorer for the Rock until his term is up.

There were, however, several write-in votes, including one for Mr. Scrooge (because he is “rude and badly dressed,” according to one voter). Another vote was tallied for Kermit the Frog. As confessed “Joe the Plumber” Nia put it, “I’ve decided to cast my vote for the only amphibian whom I’ve ever had complete and total faith in. I’d stand behind this frog until the end. I know him to be a natural born leader who never hesitates to accept the responsibility of command. He rallies the masses and gets the job done. And so, while many will accuse me of tossing my ballot, I see no other option but to vote Kermit The Frog for Commander in Chief of the next 8 years …. at least.

Is this country ready for a frog in the White House? Maybe we’ll find out in 2012!

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by Joe Hennes and Anthony Strand

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