Jerry Nelson Week

Published: August 25, 2012
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Remembering Muppet performer Jerry Nelson, the man responsible for The Count, Robin the Frog, Floyd Pepper, Gobo Fraggle, and literally hundreds of other characters.

(Some of) Our Favorite Jerry Nelson Moments
Sharing just a few of our favorite Jerry performances

Jerry and Floyd
The coolness of Jerry and his relationship with Floyd Pepper

The Musical World of Jerry Nelson
Remembering Jerry Nelson’s fantastic musical legacy

Jerry Nelson: Master of Minor Muppets
Our favorite one-shot and obscure characters performed by Jerry over the years

Hipsters and Fraggles, Otters and Vampires
Our look at Jerry’s core characters, who were always important despite not being front-and-center

Follow Me: Jerry’s Time with the Fraggles
Gobo Fraggle, Pa Gorg, the Trash Heap, and more

It’s In the Giving of a Gift to Another…
Investigating Jerry Nelson’s spotlight in The Muppet Christmas Carol

Jerry Nelson: The Rock of the Muppets
Jerry was the most reliable Muppet performer, and we’re gonna tell you why

Jerry the Non-Muppeteer
Taking a closer work at Jerry’s non-puppetry work

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