What to Expect for Fraggle Rock’s 30th

Published: April 11, 2013
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With less than two weeks until the kickoff of Fraggle Rock’s 30th anniversary celebration, details are starting to emerge about what exactly might be going down.  Here’s the scoop, Fraggle fans:

Social Media:

Marketing Partners:

  • FAO Schwarz, which we reported on earlier this week
  • The Hub Network, which will have Fraggle Rock marathons, and is featuring new commercials with Gobo and Red (see below for the video)
  • Gaiam Vivendi Entertainment, who will be releasing repackaged Fraggle Rock DVDs, including episode compilations and a new complete series collection with new content
  • Archaia Comics, who are providing a new Fraggle Rock comic book for the above DVD set
  • Heydey Footwear, which will be coming out with some strange new Fraggle-inspired shoes
  • Threadless, which will be selling new Fraggle Rock t-shirt designs
  • Cupcake Digital, which will release Fraggle Rock storybook apps
  • Deckdaq, who makes Facebook collector card packs (I have no idea what this means)
  • Genera, another app developer
  • ICUP, which will be manufacturing Fraggle Rock cups and glassware
  • Insight Editions, which will be publishing a high-end coffee table book for spring, 2014
  • Walls360, who are making Fraggle Rock wall decals
  • Truffle Shuffle, who make high-end t-shirts in the UK

Here’s the commercial currently airing on the Hub Network with Gobo and Red. No word on who’s performing Gobo yet, but we’ll try and find out for ya. The Jim Henson Company has confirmed: Gobo’s performer is none other than John Tartaglia!!! (Many thanks to John Papovitch for alerting us to the vid!)

UPDATE: Now we have two videos!  Check ’em out:

We’ll have more details on Fraggle Rock events and merchandise as they’re announced!  In the meantime, start thinking about all the DVDs and apps and t-shirts and things you’ll be trading your favorite pebbles for over the next year.

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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