A few months back, we spotlighted the incredibly talented Jay Fosgitt. At the end of said spotlight, I promised to follow-up with his “Gorch But Not Forgotten” comic strip. Sure, we may be a little late, but our timing couldn’t be better.

Jay’s first graphic novel, “Dead Duck“, is being published by Ape Entertainment, set for release on November 25th. According to Muppet comics cover artist David Peterson, “Jay has a remarkable sense of humor, blending together the sensibilities of the Muppets, the Marx Bros, Monty Python and Benny Hill.” Hopefully since you’re on this website, you enjoy at least two of those things. Click here to preorder the book from Amazon.com and then brag that you were a fan of Jay Fosgitt before anyone else.

In equally exciting news, Jay recently pitched his “Gorch But Not Forgotten” series to Archaia Comics (the publisher of the upcoming Fraggle Rock, Dark Crystal, and Labyrinth comics), so the comics you’re about to read may be just the beginning of this new Gorch saga. Hopefully Archaia will be smart enough not to turn a good thing down, and the success of “Dead Duck” will help get those Gorch comics into our hands.

So without further ado, I bring you Jay Fosgitt’s “Gorch But Not Forgotten“. (Remember, click for embiggening!)

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