After taking a well-deserved break (which may or may not have had anything to do with a broken computer), we’re pleased as punch to welcome back ToughPigs’ own Chris Smigliano to the round table! Let’s see what Smig’s got up his sleeve this time around…

First up, more character profiles!

The big news of last week was the D23 Expo, and it looks like Smig got in the mood with some wacky Disney satire (which is the best kind of Disney satire).

And the big news from the week before was Steve Whitmire’s mysterious absence from Kermit’s live appearances. Leave it to Smig to cauterize the wounds with more satire!

Lastly, a lesson in puppetry, followed by an illustration Smig made for the San Diego Comic con in 1990, shortly after Jim Henson’s death.

A million thanks to Smig for all of his fantastic work!

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