A Threadless Muppet is a Pile of Felt, part 4

Published: June 23, 2011
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Since the last part of our Threadless contest coverage was posted, the final entries were accepted for consideration. And if I counted right, there’s a total of 224 entries! Dang but that’s a lot of Muppet art! We may not finish our coverage before the contest officially ends on June 27, so we encourage you to go to the voting page and rank all of the entries yourself!

77 road trippin with friendsRoad Trippin’ With Friends

Oh man, I love this one so much. The use of the repainted Studebaker from The Muppet Movie is inspired. And everyone just looks so dang happy! Even Gonzo, strapped to the roof. I could do without the “Fur-Ends Fur-Ever” signs, as they don’t add much to the picture. But still. Love.

My rating: 5

78 bros before showsBros Before Shows

Here’s another one where the title is way funnier than the execution. I dig the idea of Statler and Waldorf dapping (also known as the “Terrorist Fist Bump”), but that novelty wore off pretty quickly.

My rating: 2

79 i'd like to try this without the balloonI’d Like to Try This Without the Balloon!

I enjoy the simplicity of this piece, and the fact that the balloon is the only part with any color. The end result still looks a little static though. Maybe having the characters in some sort of motion as opposed to looking blankly at the viewer would help. Speaking of which, I wish people wouldn’t draw Gonzo looking straight ahead so often. It makes his nose look like a levitating sausage. And that’s a different character altogether!

My rating: 4

80 HO64BE4HO64BE4

Yet another Breaking Bad reference, I presume? Even still, this one seems much more well-executed. And without knowing the TV show reference, it’s still funny to see Bunsen and Beaker making meth. (Side note to Jason Segel: Please don’t do this in your new movie. Thanks.)

My rating: 3

81 the sceneThe (S)cene

I have many thoughts about this one that involve the religious implications, the specific placements of the characters, and the Da Vinci-esque secrets hidden within the details. But in the end, all I can see is Andy Pig without Randy Pig. That is totally throwing me off.

My rating: 2

82 born this way babyBorn This Way, Baby

I’m not quite sure what this is insinuating about Baby Bunsen. Was he born with an egg-shaped head? Or a jaundice color to his complexion? Was he born wearing bunny slippers and glasses? Or is there some sort of deeper meaning??? (Obviously referring to his one tiny pig’s tail hair.)

My rating: 2

83 old friendsOld Friends

With just a little more work, this one could be a great design. I’m glad someone decided to incorporate Walter into the contest, and the “Old Friends…” line is perfect. Still, the colored pencils aren’t working for me, and the design is a bit too flat. But who knows, maybe the new breakout character will actually break out and make this shirt a must-own.

My rating: 3

84 Muppet SolidarityMuppet Solidarity

I think this is a pretty clever use of an existing photograph (which you know I normally dislike). The rainbow coloring gives it that faux-retro feel the kids seem to like these days, which makes no sense since none of them were born when that kind of stuff was cool the first time around.

My rating: 4

85 kermit's walletKermit’s Wallet

Another cute idea, but not quite clever enough to warrant a winning t-shirt design. Mainly because it doesn’t answer the question: Where would Kermit even keep a wallet???

My rating: 2

87 healing and smilingHealing and Smiling

I can’t help but notice that these aren’t the “official” Muppet autographs, but that’s just the nerd in me. I’m also left wondering how Kermit broke his arm. Was it another lovers quarrel with Miss Piggy? Did he get in between Gonzo and one of his stunts? Did Doc Hopper make a triumphant return (and missed the legs, I guess)??

My rating: 3

86 friends til the endFriends ‘Til the End

Don’t get me wrong, Shaun of the Dead is a great movie. And Nick Frost is pretty much a British Fozzie Bear. But beside all that, there isn’t much of a connection, and the artist doesn’t try very hard to make one. Also, this is a total ripoff of an image painted by our buddy James Hance. Weak.

My rating: 1

88 foreverForever

Y’know, I’m starting to really dislike this “Friendship” theme. It’s forcing artists to work so hard on their Muppet designs, but then they feel like they’re forced to add a giant “FRIENDS” to the design, whether it fits the motif or not. And then it makes designs like this seem kinda slapped-together and unmemorable.

My rating: 2

90 the lovers the dreamers and meThe Lovers, the Dreamers, and Me

Ah, now we’re talkin’! A lot of artists in this contest have tried to incorporate rainbows into their designs, but none have done that better than the person who made this. The designs look fantastic, the colors are soft and friendly, and I dig the choice of characters. I want to get this tattooed on the inside of my eyelids.

My rating: 5

90 full-bodied muppets need love tooFull-Bodied Muppets Need Love Too

I have absolutely no idea what having big friends has to do with being green (and it’s not clear whether we’re talking about being eco-friendly, jealous, new to something, or the classic definition). I like the idea of a shirt based around the full-bodied monsters, but I wonder if the silhouettes aren’t recognizable enough to anyone but Muppet fanatics. Other than Splurge, of course. Everyone knows who that guy is.

My rating: 3

91 best friends foreverBest Friends Forever

Is it me, or is Waldorf staring. Directly. Into. Your soul???????

My rating: 2

92 dave and jim and frankDave & Jim & Frank

I’m so glad Dave Goelz made it into this design. And the Muppeteers look just as happy to be together as their puppet counterparts. There’s so much dang happiness in this picture! SO HAPPY!!

My rating: 5

93 pun intendedPun Intended

As much as I’d love to see a Thog t-shirt, there’s just a bit too much happening in such a simple picture. “Friendship” could really be replaced with anything. Watch: “Calf’s Foot Jelly: It’s the Thog That Counts”. See? Also, his counting to three doesn’t add anything to the joke. But “Thog” as a pun? Works every time.

My rating: 2

94 me my hoody and kermitMe, My Hoody, and Kermit

If Kermit the Frog wore this hoodie, would the universe implode on itself??

My rating: 3

95 piggyback and frogleapPiggyback & Frogleap

Cute idea, but one that I think works better when you know the image title (which, of course, you wouldn’t if you just saw this t-shirt on the street). Piggy’s looking a little swollen and plastic, and Kermit looks way too happy to have Animal jumping on his back. I’m apparently way too concerned about realism here.

My rating: 3

96 gonzo the greatGonzo the Great (and His Amazing Aquacade Water Show)

There should absolutely be t-shirts commemorating fictional Muppet events, and this is a great example of how that might work. You don’t even need to show Gonzo actually performing any of his water-based stunts. We can assume (ala Muppets Take Manhattan) that whatever he tries to do, he’ll end up failing in the most hilarious and waterlogged way.

My rating: 4

96 best friends foreverBest Friends Forever

Hey, it’s that swiped Kermit t-shirt design we featured in part 2 of our Threadless contest coverage (though with green eyes??)! And he’s there with all of his BFFs: Stock photos of Miss Piggy and Fozzie, a poorly-drawn Animal, and “Don’t Tell Sesame Workshop” Cookie Monster! And as evidenced by the cloud, this scene takes place 30,000 feet in the air.

My rating: 1

98 we got usWe Got Us

I always loved it when someone would be singing on The Muppet Show and they’d find themselves surrounded by harmonizing Muppets by the end of the song. That’s what I picture in this image, which does a great job at showing Muppets in both the foreground and background. Of course, bonus points for including Droop.

My rating: 5

99 kermits rainbowKermit’s Rainbow

I totally get what this artist was going for. Kermit loves being green, so now all of the colors are green. But not only does that defeat the purpose of the song, but it makes his rainbow look all snotty. Yuccha.

My rating: 2

100 gonzos great dayGonzo’s Great Day

Oh cute, the Muppets are making a big letter ‘M’. But that doesn’t excuse for Scooter’s giant head, Animal’s “I’m gonna eat ya!” smile, Fozzie’s “O face”, and the Sesame Street penguins (yeah, there’s a difference). But hey, nice effort.

My rating: 2

101 waldorf is now friends with statlerWaldorf is Now Friends with Statler

It’s topical! And short. Mostly short.

My rating: 3

102 home for the chronically groovyHome for the Chronically Groovy

Oh man, Floyd is so cool. That’s as far as my brain can go when someone draws a picture of Floyd being cool. And the silhouettes in the background are the perfect accoutrements. This design rocks. (GET IT???)

My rating: 5

103 the muppaphonesThe Muppaphones

If this shirt actually existed, I would wear it every day, despite the fact that I would risk being punched in the chest by a crazy blue guy with a mustache and frilly sleeves.

My rating: 5

104 muppet letter partyMuppet Letter Party

A lot of love went into making this picture, but it’s a bit too busy. My eyes don’t know whether to focus on Fozzie’s levitating hat or Sweetums’ Kool Aid Man impression.

My rating: 2

105 abcdefrogABCDEFROG!

The artist of this image boasts that it was made using all 26 letters of the alphabet (can you find them all???). That’s a great hook, but I’m not convinced that it makes a pretty picture. The end result has a more “clip art” feel to it, rather than a cool, wearable design. Still, A for effort!

My rating: 3

106 Held in a Heart
Held in a Heart

So many questions! Why is Kermit’s heart in his stomach? And why is it transparent? And why did he eat his friends???

My rating: 3

107 borka borka flim der muppets
Borka Borka Flim Der Muppets

I want to say that I want some context for this picture, but I really don’t. It’s Zoot and The Swedish Chef, the two characters who’ve probably had the least amount of interaction. And yet, now I want to see a scene with the two of them. Preferably while the Chef is warming his hands in his armpits.

My rating: 4

108 hi-fiveHi-Five!

Hecks Yeah, friends are totally awesome! Especially when you can high five so hard, your hands bleed rainbows!

My rating: 2

89 muppet alphabet
Mike Boon Bonus – Muppet Alphabet

This image made the rounds on teh interwebs recently, and everyone (us included) went gaga for it. It would make an excellent t-shirt, what with all the familiar and obscure characters, as well as the fact that people are really into the alphabet these days.

fosgitt - chomp
Jay Fosgitt Bonus – Chompatronic 9000

Our pal Jay Fosgitt made a design, but at the last minute he decided not to enter it into the contest. Rather than let it fade into obscurity, he allowed us to publish it here! So enjoy the above comic!!! Enjoy it, I say!!

Keep a lookout for part 5, coming shortly!

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