A Threadless Muppet is a Pile of Felt, part 2

Published: June 11, 2011
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New t-shirt design entries are being added to the Threadless Muppet T-Shirt Design Challenge every day! So the only way to keep up with them is to keep posting these commentary articles as often as possible (and if you missed part 1, check it out right here).

And now: On with the show!

26 lew zealand and his fabulous fishLew Zealand and His Fabulous Fish

This is another one of my favorites. I don’t know why there isn’t more Lew Zealand merchandise, but this one needs to get made one way or another. But don’t vote on my behalf. Do it for the fish.

My rating: 5

27 muppet labsMuppet Labs

I like a lot about this design. The characters look great, it has a “retro” feel to it, and it would look great on a t-shirt. My only complaint is that it’s not as original as some of the other entries. Still, I’d buy this shirt in a heartbeat if it were to become available.

My rating: 4

28 the all seeing frog.pngThe All-Seeing Frog

Fun Fact About Me: I really like symmetry. The geometry nerd in me loves that about this design. Also, I like that it’s recognizable as something Kermit-related, even though it’s sort of a mishmash of shapes and colors. But it gets a point off for reminding me too much of a horribly mutated Kermit the Frog, forced to pose for a t-shirt icon. Or a kaleidoscope (otherwise known as the Devil’s eyeball!).

My rating: 3

29 making a friendMaking a Friend

The artist of this one had a great concept. What if the puppet was puppeteering the puppeteer?? Unfortunately, his style isn’t quite… how should I put this… good enough. I’d like to see someone else tackle this idea, and then split the prize with the guy who thought of it. Also, how do you make a puppet that looks like that with Elmer’s glue, a BIC pen, and safety scissors?

My rating: 2

30 grumpy old menGrumpy Old Men

Here’s yet another altered photo. I like the quotes in the background, though the featured quote doesn’t make very much sense by itself. Is it a message from the t-shirt wearer to the reader? Like, if I wear that shirt, am I telling people that I’ll return in a few days time? Or that they shouldn’t expect to see me in less than seven days?

My rating: 2

31 friendship partyFriendship Party

How cool! Keith Haring-inspired Muppets! If you hate this design, you might be a Nazi. Just putting that out there. Although it bothers me that Gonzo may be naked in this picture (with shoes and a bow tie, of course).

My rating: 5

32 i'll be there for youI’ll Be There For You

Here’s yet another “Friends” reference. And possibly the laziest entry in this entire contest! Congratulations, shirt designer! I hope you get “I’ll Be There For You” stuck in your head for a month.

My rating: 1

33 true friends got your backTrue Friends Got Your Back

On the one hand, there’s a lot to respect about this design. It has original art, it tells a bit of a story, it raises interesting and metaphysical questions. But on the other hand, it freaks me out, it induces unnecessary anger, it’s way out of character, and I don’t wanna look at it anymore so can we please just stop this review and move on.

My rating: 2

34 together reaching for the starTogether Reaching for the Star

I love it. It’s a cute idea, but I especially love that all five hands are instantly recognizable. Who says a Muppet shirt has to have a ping pong ball eye? Or a hook nose? Or, I dunno, Uncle Deadly?

My rating: 5

35 its not easy being greenIt’s Not Easy Being Green

Wow, Threadless. So you’re just gonna let this contest entrant completely steal someone else’s design? Gutsy move.

My rating: 1

36 childhood friendsChildhood Friends

Another wonderful piece. The artist obviously put a lot of love into this one. I’m sure every one of us remembers doing this exact thing: Sitting too close to the TV, watching Muppet stuff with our favorite Muppet toys. And the heart on the carpet guilds the lily just perfectly.

My rating: 5

37 i cant get along without youI Can’t Get Along Without You

I like it, but I’m not crazy about it. The quality of the art is good, and like the “Reaching for the Star” image above, you know who these hands belong to. But maybe it’s the stitching in Kermit’s hand, or maybe it’s the fact that there was a better one with a similar concept just a few minutes ago, but it’s not really doing it for me.

My rating: 3

38 a friendshing transcending all speciesA Friendship Transcending All Species

I don’t know who the artist is, but this definitely looks inspired by Dave ?ɬÅlvarez. It’s crisp and clean and cute, but with the crazy amount of competition in this contest, can it contend?? Sorry, I think my alliteration got the best of me there…

My rating: 4

39 magic stuffMagic Stuff

Huh. This one is… huh. Wow. There’s just so much… to say. Or not say. I think this picture just broke me.

My rating: 2

40 the lovers the dreamers and youThe Lovers, the Dreamers, and You!

My love of simplicity has gotten the best of me once again. I like the hurried design work, and I think it would look good on a simple blue t-shirt. I also dig the Muppet Movie reference, which is done without a hint of sappiness (a hard task to accomplish with this song).

My rating: 4

41 beakerheadBeakerhead

This is another one that’s been done before, but I admit, not quite as widely as some of the others. It’s quite possible that two artists had the same idea. Also, this one is marketably creepier.

My rating: 3

42 i'm a de topa chefaI’m a De Topa Chefa

I would love to see The Swedish Chef on “Top Chef”. But I don’t care enough about that show to want a t-shirt commemorating the idea. On top of that, the Chef’s head looks a little squished, but his chickens look fantastic. Maybe the artist should make a shirt with just Muppet chickens on it. Yeah, I’d buy that.

My rating: 3

43 bobbing alongBobbing Along

“So, here’s my idea. Kermit and (dead-eyed) Miss Piggy are balloons, right? And they’re tied to a cloud. No, I don’t know how things can be tied to a cloud, just let me finish. And the cloud, you see, is in the shape of an M! M for Muppets! Because that’s what they are! I mean, not at the moment, because they’re busy being balloons.”

My rating: 2

44 in my handIn My Hand

Speaking of dead-eyed Piggy, that’s the biggest thing keeping me from enjoying this one. She looks like a zombie. Like an undead pig thumb. Aside from that, I enjoy the reference to the fact that they’re controlled by hands, and it makes me want some Muppet finger puppets. Preferably ones that look more alive.

My rating: 2

45 an unconventional friendshipAn Unconventional Friendship

Why hasn’t anyone published a book of IKEA-inspired Swedish Chef bits yet? It’s a veritable gold mine! I don’t know if the joke translates into t-shirt form as well, but someone should make that happen in one format or another.

My rating: 3

47 rainbow connectionRainbow Connection

Here’s another simple design, so obviously I love it. It just needs a few tweaks: Line up Rowlf’s eyes, give Piggy better eyelashes, make Kermit and Fozzie’s eyes the right shape, etc. And then maybe, just maybe, this design will start to fit together (see what I did there?).

My rating: 3

48 lend a hand cuz we need itLend a Hand (‘Cuz We Need It!)

This one actually looks like the type of design Disney would put on a t-shirt. Iconic, cartoony versions of the characters doing wacky things. It’s cute, but it lacks a bit in substance. I’m sure it would look fantastic on a kid’s tee.

My rating: 3

49 muppet rumpusMuppet Rumpus

I was a fan of the “Where the Wild Things Are” book as a kid, and a fan of the similarly-titled movie as an adult, so it’s no surprise that I love this shirt. Both Kermit and Sweetums look great, with a good mix of the familiar characteres and the Maurice Sendak style. It’s pretty much full of win.

My rating: 5

50 the circle of laffsThe Circle of Laffs

Now this is more like it. Where the puzzle shirt didn’t quite reach, this design manages to impress. Beaker is the only one that looks a little less-than-recognizable due to the fact that, well, they’re just circles. And I wonder if the big hole in the middle would be distracting. Empty spaces should always be filled with Muppets. It’s a fact of life.

My rating: 4

51 friends play niceFriends Play Nice

Here’s another great concept. Muppets performing Muppets! Fozzie looks like he’s trying really hard to emulate his friend/boss, and the Animal/Piggy drama adds a cute storyline to a still image. I just like lookin’ at this one.

My rating: 4

smig1smig3smig2beaker1_3_fullsizeSmig Bonus – Bear Hug, Bonds of Friendship, Shared Interests, Meep and You

Our bonus for today is four designs by ToughPigs’ own Smig! For his entries, he paired up some of the closest Muppet duos in the way only Smig can pull off. I think we’re long past due for a piece of official Muppet merchandise with Smig’s art on it, don’t you???

Stay tuned for part 3, coming soon!

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