A Threadless Muppet is a Pile of Felt, part 3

Published: June 16, 2011
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As of the last time I checked, there are approximately five hundred and twenty thirty entries to the Threadless Muppet T-shirt Design Challenge. So the moral of the story (yep, we’re doing the moral in part 3) is that we’d better beat feet if we’re going to spotlight all of the entries before the contest ends.

Let’s move on with the next batch of (hopeful) Muppet t-shirts!

52 black prawnBlack Prawn

I can’t tell if I love or hate the fact that the tutu-wearing Pepe joke from Muppets From Space (which takes up approximately .3 seconds of the film) has become such a distinct part of his personality (at least fan art-wise). But it makes for a cute shirt, if just a little late for the Oscar buzz. (In a related note, I totally should’ve submitted my Muppet Black Swan parody to the contest.)

My rating: 3

53 muppetpeopleThe Were All Human Beings

Since I started rating these designs, I’ve had several people write to me to tell me not to miss the “creepy Muppet people” one. And I will be the first to admit that yes, it is totally creepy. But at the same time, I kinda love it. There’s so much personality in each of those faces, and you know exactly who they’re all supposed to be. Of course, at few things leave me more than a little disturbed: Sexy Camilla, the unnecessarily humanized Swedish Chef, Beaker’s haircut, Axel Foley Rizzo. But while I’d give it a slightly higher rating, I’m going to bend to the readers’ opinions and let this one slide.

My rating: 2

54 the white coatsThe White Coats

Is this a reference to the “Doctor, doctor” scene in Muppets From Space? If so, it’s a little dull. And if not, it’s still a little dull. But I am amused at the idea of someone crazy enough that those wacky Muppets are institutionalizing him. But, y’know, not amused enough to want a t-shirt commemorating the fact.

My rating: 1

55 the muppets go to a scifi conventionThe Muppets Go To a Scifi Convention

Mixing Muppets and geek humor is the best! Ever! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I like some of the matchups (Beaker/Doc), but others not so much (Animal/Agent Smith). But the amateur art is what’s really keeping this one from being a contender. Also because “WALF” has such promise…

My rating: 2

56 road trippinRoad Trippin’

More stock photography, Photoshopped and pasted into a picture of a Volkswagen. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t more than a little terrified for Kermit balancing on that spare tire and the legless Statler and Waldorf on the roof while Fozzie’s driving without looking at the road.

My rating: 1

57 kermit flower throwerKermit Flower Thrower

So, Kermit is throwing flowers. Those flowers right there? They’re about to be thrown. By Kermit. The frog. He’s throwing stuff. Why is he throwing stuff? I don’t know. Maybe he hates flowers. I’m not a big flower fan, but at least I wouldn’t throw them at some unknown figure to my left. What I’m trying to say is: I don’t get it.

My rating: 2

58 why did the chicken cross the roadWhy Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

This one is a front/back design. So when someone’s looking at you, they’ll see the start of the joke, and an ASCII Muppet chicken. If you happen to be wearing a jacket, they’ll miss the letdown punchline and that picture of Gonzo about to eat a heart. This one would look a little better when it’s not jacket weather outside.

My rating: 2

59 trustTrust

I know, I’ve said a thousand times how much I dislike the artists using previous artwork, but I think this one makes it work. It doesn’t exactly pop off the page (shirt?), but it’s a cute, simple image. But the worst part of it is that I can’t really tell what’s happening here. Is there something in Bunsen’s hands that should make Beaker nervous? Or is it just a general “Beaker should never trust Bunsen” type of joke?

My rating: 3


Oh man. Adorable. I know there’s no way a kid actually drew this, but I’d like to think that anyway thankyewverymuch. Please don’t crush my dreams.

My rating: 4

61 the magic storeThe Magic Store Delivery Service

I like this idea a lot. It gives a reason to Kermit being on a bicycle, rather than just to show of Jim Henson’s awesome puppetry skillz. Plus the Magic Store reference, plus the “1955”, and I think it all works very well. I’d actually like to see something like this that looks more like a real delivery service logo, rather than what will most likely be just a big picture of Kermit on the middle of a tee.

My rating: 4

62 Rainbow ConnectionRainbow Connection

I love the use of color here. All five characters have a little something going on, and the rainbow motif makes the whole thing meld together. I question the artist’s grasp of physics though.

My rating: 4

63 Life on Other PlanetsLife on Other Planets

I feel like this one is trying to tell three different jokes that go in three different directions. It’s got the Statler and Waldorf recognizability, the Muppet Show quote, and the fact that they’re now aliens for some reason. But somehow, it doesn’t quite fit together.

My rating: 1

64 embraceable youEmbraceable You

It’s cute. I’m a little thrown off by the fact that they’re the wrong kind of puppet, but getting past that, the hands aren’t embracing as much as they’re high-fiving. So are Kermit and Fozzie chest-bumping?

My rating: 2

65 Endless Friends TourEndless Friends Tour

My gut reaction was “Looks sloppy, pass.” But now that I’ve ignored my own advice, I kinda like the pasted-together look of it. It’s almost like a poster the Electric Mayhem would make for their own tour, maybe hiring Scooter to draw it for them. It’s definitely missing something crucial to make it a great design, but a good idea is in there somewhere.

My rating: 3

66 Friendly Muppet JabberFriendly Muppet Jabber

Oh, this concept is SO CLOSE to being brilliant! I first noticed that the fish balloon is pointing at Lew Zealand, Pepe, and the Swedish Chef, all of whom have some sort of connection to it. Then the piano, attached to Rowlf and Dr. Teeth. But some of them don’t quite mesh, like Zoot’s banjo, Waldorf’s pizza, or Animal’s rainbow. If this one had a little more work, I’d love it a whole lot more.

My rating: 3

67 Reservoir MuppetsReservoir Muppets

I shudder to think of which one is Mr. Blonde.

My rating: 3

68 felt foreverFelt Forever

Cute pun, and another cute use of Muppet eyes. I’m glad they’re all instantly recognizable, which is apparently more difficult than it should be. But not immediately seeing the “Some friendships are” part makes the “Felt Forever” message make next to no sense at all. I don’t wanna be felt forever, I need some personal space!

My rating: 3

69 muppets now in the neon glowMuppets. Now in the Neon Glow!

Oh god, Kermit hollowed out a clone of himself and stuck it on his hand! Also, his friends have turned into lightning and are electrocuting him! This is easily the most disturbing piece of Muppet art I’ve ever seen.

My rating: 1

70 olympic friendshipOlympic Friendship

This is a cool alternative to the Muppet eyes we’ve already seen a few times. It’s neat to see how the Muppets can be recognized by the smallest amount of detail: Kermit’s collar, Fozzie’s tie, Piggy’s purple gloves, etc. I’m not sure what the Olympics connection is, but it still makes for a good-looking image.

My rating: 5

71 kissy kissyKissy Kissy!

The look on the little Frog Prince’s face is priceless. The jury is still out on Piggy’s bust size.

My rating: 2

72 Muppet crossingMuppet Crossing

Aside from the fact that these animal crossing signs are floating in mid-air, I think it’s a cute concept. But I’m also a sucker for an image of a bear wearing a necktie.

My rating: 3

73 muppets for lifeMuppets For Life

Sadly, the person who made this image didn’t quite realize that some of those characters aren’t owned by Disney. Even sadder, they used a weird mix of stock photography and pictures of action figures and poser puppets. Also, I’m not sure what “Muppets for Life” means. Like, are there people who are only Muppets for a little while, but these guys are important enough to keep that title for their entire existences?

My rating: 1

74 critics choiceCritic’s Choice

I love a lot of this one. Fozzie is so happy to be entertaining. Statler and Waldorf are actually enjoying the show (despite the fact that they probably have those tomatoes for a reason). But mostly, it takes a situation we’re all too familiar with and turning it on its side. Plus, it’s super cute.

My rating: 4

75 we're the three best friendsWe’re the Three Best Friends (That Anyone Could Have)

I admit it, I haven’t seen Everyone’s Favorite Movie, “The Hangover” yet. Something about it completely turns me off. But despite that, the casting on this shirt is perfect. Can’t you see everyman Kermit as Bradley Cooper, overweight and simple-minded Fozzie as Zach Galifinakis, and poor pathetic Gonzo as Ed Helms? The chicken and Baby Animal are great touches too. Maybe imagining the Muppets as the Hangover characters can convince me to watch the movie. Or maybe that’s the worst idea ever.

My rating: 4

shirt-minijamie - symbiosis
Jamie Carroll Bonus – Muppetational Mosaic / Symbiosis

Our first bonus entries are from Jamie Carroll, a pal of ToughPigs, The Muppet Mindset, and beyond! Jamie’s first entry is easily one of the best in the entire contest. In fact, I’d say it’s among those select few which are actually in the running to win. It’s so brilliant, you really have to just click on the image and pore over the details yourself to appreciate the scope of it. Jamie also submitted a second design, “just for the hell of it”. And of course, it’s also fantastic. That poor bunny!

46 gonzo with the wind
ivan - 3in1
Ivan Guerrero Bonus – Gonzo With the Wind, It Takes Three to Mahna Mahna

We’ve spotlighted Ivan’s work here on ToughPigs before, and his work continues to impress. “Gonzo With the Wind” is beautiful and poster-worthy, and his glow-in-the-dark Mahna Mahna concept is fantastic. I’d wear either one with pride.

Stay tuned for part 4, coming shortly!

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by Joe Hennes – Joe@ToughPigs.com

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