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And another thing about Halloween: There’s something for everyone.

For example, some people want to be cute and funny. And other people want to be unpleasant and bizarre looking.

And no matter which one you want to be, there’s always Ernie and Bert. They’re the yin-yang of Halloween costumery, the two sides of the double-headed coin. For every happy Ernie and/or Bert costume, there’s one that’s calculated to give you the wiggins.

See if you can tell which is which!


Meanwhile, over in Elmo world, everything’s pretty much happy and cute nonstop 7/11. I am yet to see an Elmo costume that’s creepy and strange. I think we’ll have to wait a decade or so for that, until all the kids of today become disaffected college students who want to twist every innocent memory of childhood into something dark and perverse. Until then, here’s some adorable Elmo costumes.

Oh, it’s all too much for me. We better move on to the Miss Piggy costumes before I explode.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

by Danny Horn

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