ToughPigs Art: Smig’s Muppeteer Caricatures, T-Shirt Designs, and More!

Published: September 11, 2014
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We’re continuing our much delayed spotlight of the fantastic Muppet fan art from ToughPigs’ artist-in-residence Chris “Smig” Smigliano!  (Click here for our most recent article, and click here for all of Smig’s spotlights over the years.)

Below, you’ll see a mix of Smig’s entries into the Threadless and WeLoveFine t-shirt contests, a series of black-and-white sketches he made for the guests at 2001’s MuppetFest, and some fantastic caricatures of the Muppet performers!

super grover crashshirt-sniff bodie_by_smigliano-d6snfum cake_day_mar_by_smigliano-d6zeol4 crack of dawn downton abbey lewzealand toughguy no escape pogo ballet shirt-car shirt-cuffs shirt-framedmfest-all purposemfest-all paul  mfest-bill noel mfest-jerry kevin mfest-john karen mfest-paul dave mfest-stevemuppeteers1 muppeteers2

Click here to cut up a green jacket to make the ToughPigs forum!

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