The Muppetational May Challenge: Artist Edition

Published: April 29, 2024
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Back in 2018, we celebrated Muppetational May: a completely made-up, month-long celebration of the Muppets where we asked Muppet fans across the internet to answer questions about your favorite (and least favorite) Muppet stuff every day through the month of May.

It was a ton of fun, and it created a great amount of Muppety chatter on social media. We’ve been wanting to do it again ever since, but there are only so many times we can ask who your favorite Muppet is, ya know??

This year, we’re changing it up a bit with Muppetational May: Artist Edition! The idea is this: We’ll give you a prompt for all 31 days of May. We want YOU to interpret that prompt however you’d like and draw something. Get weird with it. Get creative. Think outside the box. But whatever you do, make it Muppety.

We’re hoping some of our more professional artist friends will join in, but even if you don’t have a degree in graphic design, we hope you’ll consider participating. Break out the Sharpies, doodle on a napkin, or do whatever tickles the artistic part of your brain.

Need some inspiration? May we suggest watching our recent New York Comic Con panel, in which we asked four talented artists to do… well, exactly this.

If you’re posting these on social media, we ask that you use the #MuppetationalMay hashtag. Or post your pictures directly on the ToughPigs Discord!

Thanks for participating in Muppetational May! We’re so excited to see all of your amazing artwork throughout the month!

  • May 1: Draw Fozzie Bear!
  • May 2: A scene from The Muppet Movie
  • May 3: Kermit the Frog (as a reporter) interviewing someone
  • May 4: A Muppet/Star Wars crossover
  • May 5: Miss Piggy’s latest fashion
  • May 6: Your favorite Fraggle Rock character
  • May 7: Cookie Monster eating something OTHER than cookies
  • May 8: Bunsen and Beaker’s latest experiment
  • May 9: Muppet penguins
  • May 10: A Muppet riding a bicycle
  • May 11: Any Muppet as a superhero
  • May 12: One or more members of The Electric Mayhem
  • May 13: Any Muppet introduced AFTER 2010
  • May 14: A time-traveling Muppet
  • May 15: The Swedish Chef’s latest culinary disaster
  • May 16: Jim Henson (on the anniversary of his passing)
  • May 17: A Muppet Baby
  • May 18: A scene from The Great Muppet Caper
  • May 19: Big Bird and/or Oscar the Grouch
  • May 20: A Muppet being eaten
  • May 21: Wilkins and Wontkins
  • May 23: A female Muppet OTHER than Miss Piggy
  • May 24: Doozers constructing something
  • May 25: Frank Oz (for Frank’s 80th birthday!)
  • May 26: The most obscure Muppet you can think of
  • May 27: A Muppet monster
  • May 28: Gonzo’s latest stunt
  • May 29: A scene from The Muppets Take Manhattan
  • May 30: A Muppet Christmas moment
  • May 31: Draw Kermit the Frog

Click here to share your art with the ToughPigs Discord!

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