Remembering Jim: 20 Years Later

Published: May 16, 2010
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On May 16, 1990, the world lost a visionary and one of the most creative minds in the history of media. Twenty years later, Jim Henson’s impact is still strong with no signs of ever stopping. We at would like to commemorate the life of Jim Henson on this sad anniversary with the help of some very talented friends.

Below you’ll find several pieces of original illustrations created by some of the biggest names in Muppet art, both professionally and in the world of fandom. Jim Henson has obviously influenced their lives just as much as ours, and that appreciation comes across so strongly in their work.

So without further ado, please enjoy the following images. And remember, give them a click to see them in larger sizes!

Jay Fosgitt:


David Petersen:


Peter Savieri:


Roger Langridge:


Dave Hulteen:


David Rosenberg:


Amy Mebberson:


Chris Smigliano:


Many, many, many thanks to the phenomenal artists who agreed to contribute their work in this article! Jim would be so proud.

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