ToughPigs Art: David Rosenberg, part 1

Published: March 19, 2010
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David Rosenberg is the best kind of Muppet fan: He has a good sense of the essence of each character, while adding to the mythos in the most natural ways possible. If the Muppets ever decide to create a new animated program, I wouldn’t be surprised if they stole David’s ideas (or more preferably, hire the guy).

Over the next two days, we’ll be spotlighting David Rosenberg’s Muppet artwork. His “31 Days of Monsters” was recently posted on the Muppet Mindset blog (shown in four parts), so be sure to check those out too! And be sure to click on all of the images below to see them in their full glory!

First up is David’s ideas to expand the Electric Mayhem team, and the cartoonified Bunsen and Beaker:



Defecting a big from his usual style, David gives us a glimpse at what some of our favorite Sesame Street characters might look like if they were less cartoony:



Last up for today, David triples the Muppet Babies cast with more de-aged characters. These are my favorite of the bunch, because you can really tell a lot about each Muppet Baby’s persona just by looking at them.



Head back here tomorrow for part two of our spotlight of David Rosenberg!

Click here to discuss the adorableness of baby Thog on the ToughPigs forum!

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