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ToughPigs Art: Noah Ginex’s Batfrog, part 2

Our dive into the incredible Muppets/Batman mashup fan art of Noah Ginex continues!

Unboxing Baby Sweetums

Muppet replica creator Emily Engel made a custom, one-of-a-kind Baby Sweetums plush for us! Watch as we unbox the cuteness.

Cool Muppet Things I Never Owned: The Jim Henson Hour Lunchbox

There was only ONE piece of merchandise made for Jim Henson’s forgotten masterpiece. It’s perfect for carrying your string cheese to school.


RIP Gilbert Gottfried

RIP Gilbert Gottfried

We are saddened to learn that comedian and actor Gilbert Gottfried has passed away. Best known for his (deliberately) grating voice and obnoxious persona, Gottfried made a splash in films such as Aladdin, Problem Child, and The Aristocrats. But that's not all! Here in...


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