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The Muppet Musicians of Bremen: The Muppet Movie Prequel

Seven years before The Muppet Movie, Jim Henson put his iconic story to the test.

Overthinking It: Sesame Street Muppets Learn About Trees

Remember that time on Sesame Street when David was a professor and gave a poorly-researched lecture about trees? We do, and we have way too many thoughts about it!

Pride Month: That Prideful Pig

Celebrating the history of drag queen extraordinaire: Miss Piggy!

REVIEW: A “Holey Moley” (Way Past) Halftime Report

With only two episodes left we’re taking a look at how things are going for the Muppets on “Holey Moley.” (The answer? Not great.)


RIP Henson Attorney and Former Henson Legacy President Al Gottesman

RIP Henson Attorney and Former Henson Legacy President Al Gottesman

We are saddened to learn that Al Gottesman - Jim Henson's attorney - has passed away. This may not seem quite so newsworthy to you, but Gottesman's contributions to Jim Henson's career and legacy were imperative, helping to craft the Muppets' presence from behind the...


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