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VIDEO REVIEW: Muppet Plush from KidRobot

We’re unboxing a set of Muppet plush toys from NECA and KidRobot!

Please Talk About the Other 64 Episodes of Dinosaurs

Conversations about Dinosaurs tend to focus on its startling finale. But what about all the other eyebrow-raising episodes?

ToughPigs Presents: Live Drawing Challenge at New York Comic Con!

Join us at NYCC for a Muppet-filled drawing challenge!

Jim Henson: The Timeline

Jim Henson led quite a life. Let’s list out every single thing he ever did. In order!


RIP Michael Parkinson

RIP Michael Parkinson

We remember legendary British television host Michael Parkinson, and the hilarious time he hosted the Muppets.

RIP Paul Reubens

RIP Paul Reubens

We remember Paul Reubens, creator of Pee-wee Herman, and his appearances with the Muppets.


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