The Mup Art Show – Summer, 2022

Published: August 26, 2022
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As you may know, I have a particular love of the Muppets. I also have a love of well-crafted fan art. Put ’em together, and you’ve tickled my fancy, launched my penguin, and honked my Honk of Honks. And when I put ’em together, we get The Mup Art Show.

As I traverse the recesses of the internet on a daily basis, I’m always keeping an eye out for some truly incredible and unique Muppet fan art. And as you can imagine, the internet rarely disappoints. Since our last Mup Art Show spotlight (which was, yikes, two years ago!), I’ve amassed quite a collection of wonderful artwork featuring our favorite Muppets, Sesame Street characters, and Fraggles.

If you like what you see, be sure to click the artist links and follow them on social media! Many thanks to everyone who created these wonderful works of art, and we hope – nay, we know – you’ll enjoy!

by Peter Savieri
by Graham Annable
by Jerrod Mayumara
by Glen Brogan
artist unknown
by Lissette Carrera
by Lissette Carrera
by Andrew Kolb
by Gabriel Hardman
by Daniel Cox
by NerdiconPrime
by Vincent Alexander
by Josh Perez
by Josh Perez
by Vincent Patrick
by mandal0re
by Toffe
by Thomas Irvine
by Shan Murphy
by John Loren
by Dave Alvarez
by Sauz
by Max G
by Lar DeSouza
by Glen Brogan
by Earwig
by Earwig
by Roger Langridge
by Isaac Bidwell
by Issa
by Elicia Donze
by Rod Allen
by Rod Allen
by Julia Vaccina
by Jason Platt
by Asia Ellington
by Glen Brogan
by Poroshya
by Dave Perillo
by Nico G.
by Mat Brunet
by Jessica Feldman (prints available on Etsy)
by Glen Brogan
by Pat Lewis
by Kristi O.
by Ian Vazquez
by Rod Allen
by Nick Perks
by Nick Perks
by Mightyfilm
by Kenny Durkin

We hope you enjoyed all these terrific works of art! If you’re a Muppet fan artist, feel free to submit your work to us at to be considered for future ToughPigs art spotlights!

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by Joe Hennes –

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