The Mup Art Show: Spring, 2020

Published: April 17, 2020
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Everything is so strange these days.  You know what might make us feel better?  Some exceptional Muppet fan art.

As you likely know, we spend our time slowly amassing what we think is the best and most impressive Muppet fan art on the internet.  After we’ve got a decent-sized collection, we share them in this article we call The Mup Art Show.

We hope you enjoy the art below, and if you do, please considering visiting the artists’ website and purchasing something.  So many people are out of work right now, and the art industry has been hit hard.  Every little bit helps!

And if you’re a professional artist with some Muppet work in your portfolio, feel free to send us your work to be featured here on ToughPigs!

by Steve Lowtwait

by Douggy Pledger

by Douggy Pledger

by Anna Clark

Artist unknown

by Christopher Tupa

by Tony Whitaker

by Tony Whitaker

by Kat Reilly

by Francesco Francavilla

by Francesco Francavilla

by Julia Lichty

by Matthew S. Armstrong

by Marq Spusta

by Dave Wilhelm

by Luke Flowers

by Toffe

by Alyssa Erin

by Gabriel Hardman

by Nathaniel Daught

by Kyle Hotz

by Jacob Stack

by Will Carroll

by Jenn Harney

by Alejandro Y.

by Kevin M. Wilson

by Canaan Grall

by Alejandro Y.

by Tom Whalen

by Andrew Kolb

by Izzy Abreu

by Diana Leto

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by Joe Hennes –

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