ToughPigs Art: Muppet Fan Artist Toffe Takes Piggy to Yoga

Published: May 29, 2018
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It’s always a pleasure to find a Muppet fan artist who not only has a true love and respect for the characters, but who can also take them in new directions.  The artist known only as Toffe pulls that off, with her manga-inspired artwork which dips a toe into the risqué side of Miss Piggy, but without going too far into dangerous territory.  She also finds a real humanity to some of the characters, which you’ll see in just a moment.

She also illustrated Miss Piggy and Janice doing yoga, and it’s delightful.

Below, you’ll find a healthy sampling of Toffe’s artwork.  If you like her work, be sure to follow her on Instagram and DeviantArt.  Many, many thanks to Toffe for sharing your work with us!


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