Hipsters and Squares

Published: July 10, 2004
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Hipsters and Squares
featuring the cool cats of Sesame Streetanthhipster9918

To start with, it was 1969. Richard Nixon was in the White House, US troops were entrenched in Vietnam, and nobody was trusting anybody over thirty. As an artist, Jim Henson had a real affinity for beatniks, hippies and the generally relaxed — so it’s no surprise that in the early years of Sesame Street, the Muppets played out some of the cultural tensions between hipsters and squares. This summer, the Anthology presents some of Sesame’s free spirits as they resist the establishment. Too much!

Part One – Imagine On, Baby!
Part Two – Too Cool for School
Part Three – Once Upon a Time
Part Four – Who’s the MAN?
Part Five – Call of the Wild
Part Six – Cold as Mice
Part Seven – Phenomenon
Part Eight – The Trip
Part Nine – Crazy Rhythm
Part Ten – Laugh-In


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