Back to School with the Sesame Street Learning Kit

Published: September 10, 2003
Categories: Anthology

Back to School
with the
Sesame Street Learning Kitanth03sept

Come with me to 1970, that bygone age when people could talk about Sesame Street’s “artistic and intellectual virginity” and still keep a straight face. This month in the Anthology, we’re going to take a look at the Sesame Street Learning Kit — the very first set of Sesame products, produced by Time-Life to coincide with the first season of the show. We’re also going to look at a lot of deeply strange Sesame art.

Part One – Anatomy of a Mistake
Part Two – Things You Can Do to Squares
Part Three – Spies Like Us
Part Four – How You Can Tell It’s 1970
Part Five – The Pre-Grover Grover
Part Six – Alphabet Soup
Part Seven – One to Ten
Part Eight – First the People, Then the Things
Part Nine – Spilled Milk
Part Ten – The Big Finale


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