Back to School, Part Five

Published: September 5, 2003
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Back to School
Part 5: The Pre-Grover Grover

But enough criticism. One of the actual cool things about the Sesame Street Learning Kit books is that you get some glimpses of rare first-season Muppet skits, like this one from the Sesame Street Book of Puzzlers. It stars Kermit and a certain unnamed monster who would later become Grover…anth03sept05aanth03sept05banth03sept05canth03sept05danth03sept05eanth03sept05fanth03sept05ganth03sept05hanth03sept05ianth03sept05janth03sept05kanth03sept05lanth03sept05manth03sept05nanth03sept05oanth03sept05panth03sept05q

by Danny Horn

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