The Not-So-Great Muppet Mural: The Artists

Published: April 4, 2022
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Hey, have you seen our latest ridiculous April Fools Day gag? We spoofed our own Great Muppet Mural with the Not-So-Great Muppet Mural: a massive art piece with a ton of obscure Muppet characters and stupid jokes mostly just added to made ourselves laugh.

Let’s take another look at it now, shall we?

Beautiful, isn’t it? (It’s okay to say “no”.)

As you can tell, a lot of work went into this thing. We had a small circle of ToughPigs contributors draw over 130 characters, and it’s a shame that it’s so hard to see some of them. In the spirit of giving these artists (and their work) the proper attention, we’re excited to share every individual Muppet illustration right here, right now.

First up, we have the background, seen above. Among the many, many references seen here are:

  • The Cat in the Hat’s house from The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss
  • The well from The Frog Prince, with patterns from Sesame Street‘s “The King of 8”
  • Bear in the Big Blue House‘s Big Blue House
  • Jim’s office from The Jim Henson Hour
  • The buildings across the street from 123 Sesame Street as seen in Follow That Bird
  • The eponymous Dark Crystal from The Dark Crystal
  • Big Bird’s “ABC-DEF-GHI” banner
  • And more!

And now, over 130 characters illustrated for our ridiculous Not-So-Great Muppet Mural! Enjoy!

Kermit the Pig by Noah Ginex

ALF by Jarrod Fairclough

Kermit the Protozoa and Fozzie Amoeba by Smig

Andy and Randy Pig by Smig

Angelo by Becca Petunia

Angelo by Smig

Baby Sinclair by Zach Kenny

Bad Andy by Smig

Ballerina Pig (from the Rudolf Nureyev episode of The Muppet Show) by Smig

Balloon Beaker (from Muppet Babies) by Shane Keating

Beard by Smig

Beautiful Day Monster (from the “Got Anything Cheaper?” Muppet Show sketch) by Shane Keating

Bertina by Smig

Bettina and Belinda by Sarah Elizabeth Grace

Betty Lou by Shane Keating

Big V by Matthew Soberman

Billy the Bear by Shane Keating

Bossman by Smig

Bozark from Animal Jam by Shane Keating

Buddy from Dinosaur Train by Staci Rosen

Burlan Dernie by Noah Ginex

Buzz the Wharf Rat by Anthony Strand

Calico by Smig

Fozzie, Scooter, and Floyd as chickens (from the Roger Miller episode of The Muppet Show) by Noah Ginex

Chip by James V. Carroll

Chip by Dave Hulteen, Jr.

Chip by Jarrod Fairclough

Chip by Joe Hennes

Chip by Kenny Durkin

Chip by Matthew Soberman

Chip by Ryan Roe

Chip by Shane Keating

Chuck Stoat by Staci Rosen

Cleo from Between the Lions by Zach Kenny

Clive Cahuenga by Shane Keating

Coffee Break Machine by Shane Keating

Cow (from “Jamboree”) by Zach Kenny

Cue Card Monster by Shane Keating

Daddy Dodo by Staci Rosen

Dave the Human by Noah Ginex

Denise by Dave Hulteen, Jr.

Dexter by Zach Kenny

Disturbing Thoughts by Smig

Doc Hogg by Zach Kenny

Doozer by Staci Rosen

Durwood Clapper (from the “My Muppets Show” mobile game) by Anthony Strand

Elizabeth by Zach Kenny

Fern by Becca Petunia

Flash by Smig

Bad Andy by Smig

Forgetful Jones by Smig

Forgetful Jones by Zach Kenny

Fred Bedderhead by Zach Kenny

Fred (from the Munchos commercials) by Smig

“And You Can Get a Free Watch!” by Zach Kenny

Fughetta Faffner by Smig

Gary Cahuenga and Chuckie by Smig

Gazelle by Ryan Roe

Grizzy by Smig

Grover (from the infamous “Big Boy” comic) by Shane Keating

The Hatrack by Smig

Hilda by Smig

Horatio and Bozark by Zach Kenny

Howard Tubman by Zach Kenny

Irving Bizarre by Joe Hennes

Jen by Julia Gaskill

Jen and Kira by Matthew Soberman

Jeremiah Tortoise by Zach Kenny

Jim Henson tattoo by (and on) Jarrod Fairclough

Joe and Ryan by Smig

Jowls by Smig

Kermit the Forg by Shane Keating

Leo the Party Monster by Smig

Leon by Smig

Limbo by Joe Hennes

Lindbergh by Smig

Little Murray Sparkles by Smig

Lothar from The Great Santa Claus Switch by Smig

Luna and the Swinetreck by Kenny Durkin

Professor Madcliffe by Smig

The Mighty Favog by Zach Kenny

Missing M from Sesame Street‘s Law and Order parody by Shane Keating

Moishe Oofnik by Shane Keating

Monster Cookie by Shane Keating

Morton the Elephant-Bird by Zach Kenny

Mother Goose by Becca Petunia

Mr. Mookie from Dog City by Zach Kenny

Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow T. Robot from Mystery Science Theater 3000 by Dave Hulteen, Jr.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come by Zach Kenny

Muppet Robots (Steel Rabbit, ’80s Robot, Otto the Automatic Entertainer, M.A.M.M.A., and Harv-E) by Kenny Durkin

Nanny by Joe Hennes

The Newsman, Sally Spingel-Spungle-Sporn, and Gretel the Cow by Zach Kenny

Ninja Rogers (from “The Muppet Show Comic Book”) by Anthony Strand

Norman by Roz Strand

Octopus (from “Octopus’s Garden” on The Ed Sullivan Show) by Smig

Ojo by Julia Gaskill

Old Gonzo from Muppets Haunted Mansion by Julia Gaskill

Onky by Smig

Puppety Sockman by Jarrod Fairclough

Randy and Billy Baloney from Pee-Wee’s Playhouse by Kenny Durkin

Rebel L by Shane Keating

Rowlf the Dog as a Gobagoo from “Sing-Along, Dance-Along, Do-Along” by Ryan Roe

Roy Hess from Dinosaurs by Zach Kenny

Sammy the Snake by Smig

Snerfs by Shane Keating

Sneels by Zach Kenny

Snuffy (in his original, terrifying appearance) by Noah Ginex

Sour Bird by Smig

The Southern Colonel by Smig

Spamela Hamderson by Zach Kenny

Koozebanian Spooble by Shane Keating

Stalks by Shane Keating

Talking House by Becca Petunia

Ted Bedderhead from The Country Bears by Zach Kenny

Tennessee O’Neal from The Country Bears by Zach Kenny

The Thought Lion from The Jim Henson Hour by Zach Kenny

Topo Gigio (from ToughPigs’ very first April Fools Day gag!) by Ryan Roe

Two-Headed Muppet Monster by Zach Kenny

Uncle Slim by Ryan Roe

Velvet and Penelope Penguin by Smig

Wayne and Wanda by Shane Keating

Wild Impresario from The Ghost of Faffner Hall by Smig

Wild Impresario from The Ghost of Faffner Hall by Zach Kenny

Wishbone Skrump from The Skrumps by Anthony Strand

The World’s Oldest Fraggle by Staci Rosen

Yertle the Turtle by Zach Kenny

Zeb Zoober from The Country Bears by Becca Petuina

Many, many thanks to the talented artists who helped us put this amazing and silly art piece together! We hope you all enjoyed seeing your favorite and less-than-favorite characters represented as much as we enjoyed drawing them!

Click here to break out the crayons on the ToughPigs forum!

by Joe Hennes –

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