To celebrate the national holiday of people acting like asses, we at pulled a fast one on all of you readers. In case you missed it, this website was replaced for 24 hours with a Topo Gigio fansite.

To our knowledge, no such fansites exist. But in our research on Topo, we found that he’s actually pretty awesome. Do yourself a favor and watch a few clips of him on YouTube. Some are in Italian, but that shouldn’t matter. He speaks the international language of adorableness.

Five articles adorned, written by myself, Ryan Roe, and Michal Richardson. Special thanks to Scott for handling the technobabble (and double special thanks to Scott for handling the technobabble of this website for the past year and a half! Scott’s a superhero!).

This is what life looked like for a Muppet fansite on April 1, 2008.

Click here to talk Topo on the ToughPigs forum!

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