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Published: February 27, 2008
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It’s been almost a month since I announced the “Who Will Be Jim” contest, and we’re ready to crown the winners! Ok, so there aren’t any actual “winners,” much like in a soccer game. Except that sometimes people do win in soccer. So maybe that wasn’t the best analogy. The special prize for those of you who participated in giving us your thoughts on who could play Jim Henson and Company is getting to see your name in print in a Muppet Fan blog. Congrats!

Now let’s get to the Jims (and Franks and Jerrys and Richards, etc)!

Jim Henson

Robert Downey Jr. (suggested by Kynan)

Steve Whitmire (suggested by Kellie)

Johnny Depp (suggested by Neil)

Josh Charles (suggested by Kynan)

Jeff Daniels (suggested by Brad)

John Cusack (suggested by Kynan)

William Hurt (suggested by Joe)

Jason Segal (suggested by Kynan)

Daniel Day-Lewis (suggested by Ryan)

Ryan Gosling (suggested by Brad)

Jeff Bridges (suggested by Joe)

Cate Blanchett (suggested by Peter)

Frank Oz

Peter Sarsgaard (suggested by Kynan)

David Cross (suggested by Brad)

Bernie Brillstein

Robert Prosky (suggested by Andrew)

Richard Dreyfuss (suggested by Kynan)

Jerry Juhl

Andy Richter (suggested by Ryan)

Philip Seymour Hoffman (suggested by Tom)

David Lazer

Tony Shaloub (suggested by Kynan)

Bradley Whitford (suggested by Kynan)

Lew Grade

Robbie Coltrane (suggested by Ryan)

Jim Broadbent (suggested by Andrew)

Bob Hoskins (suggested by Andrew)

Maurice LaMarche (suggested by Michal)

Richard Hunt

BJ Novak (suggested by Kynan)

Jay Baruchel (suggested by Kynan)

Hank Azaria (suggested by Joe)

Jane Henson

Maggie Gyllenhaal (suggested by Kynan)

Chris Langham

Hugh Laurie (suggested by Ryan)

Dave Goelz

Joshua Malina (suggested by Kynan)

So, if anyone from the offices of Penny Marshall are reading, now you know who to cast. See, we make it easy for you!

And if anyone has more ideas for who you think should play Jim & Co., please stop by the ToughPigs forum and let us know!
Click here to discuss the many beards of Jim on the ToughPigs forum!

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