Watch a Rare 1973 Muppet TV Appearance

Published: December 1, 2017
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In 1973, a TV special called Keep U.S. Beautiful aired on NBC. The show had an anti-pollution message, so given what we know about Jim Henson’s environmentally-conscious ways, it’s no big surprise that the Muppets were among the guest stars.

This week, a video of the Muppets’ appearance on the special popped up on YouTube, thanks to user Rick Thomas. It features a bunch of talking garbage Muppets singing a song that Muppet Wiki tells me is a parody of a number called “Hey, Look Me Over” from the musical Wildcat.  And now you know.

This is one of those things I kind-of, sort-of remember hearing about, but that I never thought I would actually get to see, so this is the most fun I’ve had watching a trashy musical number in a long time.  Check it out:

Man, Jim Henson guy did a lot of stuff. It continues to amaze me that after all this time, appearances can still surface that are “new” to us fans.

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