Transcript: Hubba-Wha?! Episode #26

Published: January 18, 2024
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Transcription provided by Katilyn Miller.

Hubba-Wha?! Episode 310 – Space Flight

[Clip from The Muppet Show plays]

ANNOUNCER: And now it’s time for Pigs in Spaaaaace! 

[Pigs in Space theme music plays]

ANNOUNCER: The last time we saw the spaceship Swinetrek, we hoped it would be the last time. But it’s back.

[laugh track]

[Hubba-Wha?! intro theme music plays]

BECCA PETUNIA: Welcome to (echo sounding voice) Hubba-Wha?! (in normal voice) a Muppet quiz show brought to you by It’s your favorite quiz show that’s not like the others. Here, Muppet fans, Muppet professionals, and everyone in between competes for fabulous prizes and to see who’s this week’s Toughest Pig. I’m your host, Becca Petunia of

And tonight we’re blasting off on a rocket to the stars with an episode that’s all about Muppets in space. Not Muppets from Space. We already did an episode about that movie. But this is about Muppets…I guess also Muppets from space, as in aliens. It’s confusing. Don’t worry, it’ll make sense. So space might not be as deep as you think, but there’s still a ton of Muppets out there to talk about: Pigs in space. The Yip-Yip Martians and don’t even get me started about those aliens in the family.

So today, we’ve got an entire episode of questions about aliens, astronauts and everything else out in the final frontier. Now, I don’t know if you know this but there’s a lot of space in space. To navigate this episode and write some questions, I really needed a guide. So I turned to Muppet Wiki. And speaking of, let’s agree to play fair today. Please don’t look at Muppet Wiki or any other resource during this game. There is no universe where that’s allowed.

Anyway, before we blast off, let’s meet our courageous astronauts. We’ll do that in our first game (in echo sounding voice) To Tell a Face. (in normal voice) Contestants you’ll buzz in to answer some questions about yourself. Whoever buzzes in first will get introduced first.

Ready? Go.

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: All right, our first contestant, Tori. I got a couple questions for you. Tori–


BECCA: Tori. It’s your big moment. This is your moment.

TORI: Oh no. I’m gonna ruin this.

BECCA: Tori, what’s your name? 

TORI: Guy Smiley. Darn it! Darn it! Sorry.

BECCA: Tori! You had one job.

TORI: Darn it. Darn it. I think it’s Tori Schmidt. I think that’s my name.

BECCA: And Tori, also, what pronouns should we use for you on the show?

TORI: She/her. Thank you.

BECCA: You’re very welcome. Tori, this is your first time on (echo sounding voice) Hubba-Wha?! (in normal voice) You’ve been on some ToughPigs podcasts before, but because you’re a first-timer here, I’m going to ask you, Tori, what’s your history with the Muppets?

TORI: Oh, wow. Well, I hate to sound like a broken record of every single guest who’s ever been on this show. But you know it all started with Sesame Street. Watched a lot of Sesame Street as a kid and then.

BECCA: I’ve heard of it.

TORI: You’ve heard of it. Yeah, it’s this great little show. I think Jim Hanson worked on it or something like that.

BECCA: Mmhmm. Yeah, he also wrote “MMMBop”

TORI: Yeah, I love that. That’s my favorite Sesame Street song. “MMMBop.” Anyway, and then I happened to come out in a great period of time with like the 2011 movie and all those viral Youtube clips. And it just really clicked with me. The Muppets have always been my favorite thing to watch and always been something I’ve been very a part of.

And then a couple years ago, I really got into Twitter, which I don’t know how good of a thing that is but it led me to the wacky world of Muppets Twitter and my account on there and doing various fan projects that I don’t need to mention. But it’s just been really fun and becoming really involved in this community over the last couple years.

BECCA: Well, Tori. You know, you can mention some of those projects and, you know what? I will. You run the Muppy Awards and the Muppets Twitter Hall of Fame. And, okay, I didn’t study. Is there a third one? Rule of three?

TORI: I do have a podcast.

BECCA: Right! Tales from Muppet Land. How could I forget?

TORI: Yes, Live from Muppet Land.

BECCA: Okay, I forgot. Oh, geez. I’m making a fool of myself.

TORI: No, you’re good. You’re good. I barely update that show anyway, but maybe more stuff soon, who knows? 

BECCA: Well, I hope so. And Tori, last question, do you think Gonzo counts as an alien?

TORI: You know, I feel like there’s two answers to this question. And one is before 1999 and after 1999. Or maybe three answers: before 1999, 1999, and after 1999. Because I think there’s only one year with the answer to that question’s yes. And I think every other year that the answer to that question is no. He’s a whatever.

BECCA: Good answer, Tori. You’ve earned yourself 20 points.

TORI: Let’s go! That’s five more that I had last night.

BECCA: You had points last night?

TORI: Yeah. That doesn’t make any sense. I’m a little nervous.

BECCA: Great.

FERGIE PHILIPPE: That’s amazing. Already had points. Geez.

BECCA: Tori, you don’t need to be nervous. You’re doing great. I’m the one who messed up the name of your show.

TORI: No, for the record, Tales from Muppet Land is the series that I took my title from. So it’s not like you thought my show was called Movin’ Right Along or something. I don’t know. 

BECCA: Yeah, that’d be a terrible name for a podcast.

TORI: Yeah.

FERGIE: [laughs] Horrible.

BECCA: Let’s move on to our second contestant. Second contestant, what’s your name?

FERGIE: Hi. My name is Fergie Philippe.

BECCA: And Fergie, what pronouns should we use for you?

FERGIE: He/him. Thank you very much. 

BECCA: All right now, Fergie, you’ve been on some ToughPigs podcasts before, as well. But again, this is your first time on Hubba-Wha?! So I want to ask you what is your history with the Muppets?

FERGIE: (in deep voice with British accent) It started on the Shire long ago. We used the sit around the campfire and tell the lads all the stories about Jim Henson.

(in normal voice) I was a child of the 90s. Definitely grew up with Around the Corner on Sesame Street and that was very big for me. And then of course, I really got into the Muppets when my parents realized that VHSes were the one way to shut me up and so any VHS with a Muppet or a Jim Henson logo on it, they just bought them threw in the tape. And so, I broke so many VHSes from running them over and over again from Muppet Classic Theater, to Muppet Treasure Island, to Muppet Sing Along, to all the different Fraggle Rock tapes, everything.

And so, Henson’s just always been a part of my life and it kind of creatively started driving me and so, you know, I don’t know life before or after Muppets. It’s just always been Muppets.

BECCA: And Fergie, speaking of creative, why don’t you tell us a little bit about what you do today?

FERGIE: Sure, I am a creative in NYC. And that ranges through multiple things. Predominantly, I am an actor. I’ve appeared on a couple of Broadway shows that include Hamilton and Camelot. I’m currently rehearsing for a new off-Broadway show called The Connector. I’ve done a couple of episodes of television and a film I’m doing is coming out soon. And I also direct and I write and I puppeteer whenever I’m given the opportunity to. And so, I’m very lucky that I get to kind of really live my life as a creative.

BECCA: That’s great. And Fergie, do you think Gonzo counts as an alien?


BECCA: Okay. [laughs] All right.

FERGIE: In the year 1999, I also did not think so either and people were very mad at me, including my mother. Mother, I don’t care. At five years old. I was like, “No. He is not.” [laughs]

BECCA: [laughs] Fergie, Fergie, you’ve also earned yourself 20 points.

FERGIE: Oh boy!

BECCA: The game’s tied.

TORI: Oh, darn it!

FERGIE: Already. [laughs]

TORI: Already tied.

BECCA: And now we can blast off.

[Clip from Sesame Street plays]



OFFICER: Worms, are you in liftoff position? 

WORMS: Yes, yes, yes.

OFFICER: A-OK. We have wiggle and lift off position.

[Cheering and applause]

OFFICER: It’s time for the countdown to begin. Our WASA countdown specialist is here to count down from ten to zero. And at the count of zero, the space ship will lift off into space.

[Cheering and applause]



GROUCH: It’s really happening.



COUNT: Oh yes, I’m the Count and the WASA countdown specialist and I’m very proud to be part of this noble project. In fact, I’m proud to be part of any project that I can count backwards, forwards, sideways. That’s one, two, three ways to count. Ha ha!




COUNT: With pleasure. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, zero. Liftoff!

[Spaceship boosters powering up and taking off]

ANNOUNCER: We have liftoff.

[Clip ends]

BECCA: Well, here we are in space. Our first stop is a familiar planet. What, Fergie, Fergie, you expected more fanfare? We’re in space.

FERGIE: No. I’m so sorry. I did not. I wasn’t prepared to be in space. I didn’t pack properly at all. [laughs]

BECCA: Nah, that’s okay. Don’t worry.

TORI: How did I get out of my living room?

FERGIE: If you think about it too much, you’ll be scared, Tori. Just let it be. Just let it happen.

TORI: I’m scared, Becca. I’m scared.

BECCA: Give it, you know, 45 minutes to an hour depending on how many clips I throw in here and we’ll be back. Don’t worry.

TORI: Okay.


BECCA: While we’re in space, we’re going to make a quick stop on a familiar planet because we’re at the planet of our first game, which is a game we like to call (in echo sounding voice) What’s Prairie’s Problem?

[Clip from Sesame Street plays]


DAWN: This is the whole game? This is a pretty silly game.

[Clip ends]

BECCA: (in normal voice) As you know, this is a game we’ve done a few times but not as often as some of the other ones. (in echo sounding voice) Prairie’s problem (in normal voice) is our complete-the-sketch game. In this game, I’ll set up a problem from a classic Muppet sketch and you’ll buzz in to tell me how the sketch resolves.

Joining us in this round are the two most popular groups of spacefaring Muppets. The Pigs in Space and the Yip Yip martians. That’s right, in this round all of the sketches I describe will involve either of these Muppet teams. Each of the questions in this round is worth two points.

Buzz in when you’re ready to complete the sketch. But please wait until I finish reading the questions so our friends beyond the stars can play along. Here we go.

[Clip from Sesame Street plays]

[Twinkling sound effect]


MARTIANS: Oooooh. Yip, yip, yip, yip, yip.

[Twinkling sound effect]

[Clip ends]

BECCA: Question one. The Martians find a telephone. They try to communicate with it by…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Saying its name over and over again?

BECCA: No, they don’t do that, but close. Fergie, you want to guess?

FERGIE: They pick it up and dial Dominoes and order a large pepperoni.

BECCA: Well, that would be wonderful but no. They also make ringing noises at it.


FERGIE: Oh, that’s right. Yes.

BECCA: It’s okay. It’s okay.

TORI: [laughs] It’s the first question, folks.

BECCA: We got this. We got this.

FERGIE: It’s the first one.

BECCA: They’re getting into the flow. Neither of them have been on the show before and they’re ready for question.

FERGIE: That’s right.

BECCA: They’re ready for question two. The Swinetrek keeps tipping to one side. It’s because one of the crew members is…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: Overweight.

BECCA: Correct. It’s Miss piggy. Get it?

FERGIE: Yaaaaaaay. Fat phobia, baby. We love 70s comedy.

[Becca laughs]

TORI: The 70s were a mistake.

[Fergie and Becca laugh]

TORI: What? [laughs]

FERGIE: That’s an excellent quote. The 70s were a mistake. [laughs]

BECCA: Folks, folks, you at home? Fergie did a spit take when Tori said that.

FERGIE: I spat all my whiskey on the floor.

[All laugh]

BECCA: Question three. The crew of the Swinetrek sees a distant white light. As it approaches, we realize that it is actually…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: The end of the universe?

BECCA: No. End of the universe is a different one. Seems like that’s what? It seems like that’s what Fergie thought as well because Fergie is deeply upset.

FERGIE: That is what I thought.

TORI: Oh no.

BECCA: So it is another Muppet will be my clue if you guys want to buzz in again? Fergie?

FERGIE: Dearth Nadir.

BECCA: Close again. I’m thinking of the one that’s Gonzo on a motorcycle where there’s just a motorcycle in outer space for no reason.

TORI: I mean, does a motorcycle need a reason to be in outer space? 

BECCA: True.

FERGIE: Yeah, exactly. 

BECCA: Question four. The Martians find a grandfather clock and think it might be an earthling. However, they get scared when…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: It like goes off. Like it hits like an hour and then goes [makes dooing noises]. Yeah.

BECCA: Yes, exactly. Question five. Miss Piggy has been training for years to push the mid-course correction button. However, Link distracts her and she misses the moment. In the end, Link tries to solve the problem, but…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: He messes it up and she karate chops him.

BECCA: I’ll give it to you for he messes it up. He hits the wrong button.

FERGIE: [laughs] He hits the wrong button.

BECCA: He hits the wrong button. Yeah. Again that’s why I’m like, you can probably figure this out.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: Question six. The Martians find a radio which plays many kinds of music but the only sound they want to dance to is…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: Radio static.

BECCA: It is radio static. Correct. Question seven. The Swinetrek is approaching the end of the universe. The crew hopes to learn the meaning of life, but they miss it because…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

FERGIE: They get hungry. Doesn’t the lunch bell go off?

BECCA: I could have sworn that– I mean, what I had written down is that there’s a Muppet News Flash that interrupts it.

FERGIE: Oh, I thought they like left to get food.

BECCA: Don’t they get hungry? I thought they got hungry. Now, I’m upset with my answer. 

TORI: Now, I’m hungry.

BECCA: Okay, hold on a second. Fergie.

FERGIE: Because first Julius Strangepork leaves. Then Link leaves.

BECCA: Hold on.

FERGIE: And then Piggy leaves.

BECCA: Here’s what we’re doing. Here’s what we’re doing.


TORI: I should have watched more Pigs in Space before this.

FERGIE: I’m shocked at how much Pigs in Space I know. [laughs]

BECCA: Hold on. So I’m looking at the transcript right here. And you know what? I’ll give you a point because the end of the universe was also specifically referred to as a white glow. So I’m going to give you guys each–

FERGIE: Ooooooooh, there we go. That’s what I thought too.

BECCA: I’m going to give you each two points.

TORI: Yeah, I could have sworn the end of the universe was a glow.

BECCA: Okay, so Link does leave to get food.

FERGIE: Oh, okay.

BECCA: And then…

FERGIE: But that’s not the reason.

BECCA: And then Piggy leaves–er, excuse me.

FERGIE: And then Strangepork leaves.

BECCA: It is both. It is both. They all leave for food and then there’s a Muppet News Flash.

FERGIE: Muppet News Flash.

BECCA: So the audience misses it. So Fergie.

FERGIE: Aaaah.

BECCA: Fergie, you’ve proved me wrong again here. Fergie’s on a roll.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: I’m giving you two points. My notes were not as clear as I wanted. But this question you guys can answer because this one I’m right about. And I just read the transcript, so I know I’m right.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: Thanks to Muppet Wiki for having the transcripts of every episode of The Muppet Show.

FERGIE: Yeeees.

TORI: Yeah! Go Muppet Wiki.

FERGIE: Unbelievable.

TORI: Thank you.

BECCA: Who hears the meaning of life instead of the Pigs in Space crew?

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Is it the Newsman?

BECCA: It is not the Newsman.

TORI: Oh darn.

BECCA: And this again, I know I’m right now. Fergie, do you remember who hears the meaning of life? Fergie?

FERGIE: Is it Camilla?

BECCA: It is not Camilla. It is the announcer. It is Jerry Nelson’s unseen announcer.

FERGIE: Oh, the announcer. Yes.

[All laugh]

TORI: Of course it is.

FERGIE: That’s obvious. I should’ve gotten that.

TORI: Of course. Yeah, of course.

BECCA: Here we go. And now I know I’m right on all of these. Question eight.

FERGIE: Here we go.

BECCA: One day, the crew of the Swinetrek is incredibly bored. This briefly changes when an alarm signals the arrival of two alien beings. These alien beings are…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: The Swedish Chef and… Oh, what is he chasing? Is it, I’m gonna say a turkey but I don’t think it’s a turkey.

BECCA: It’s not a turkey. But I’ll give you two points for the Swedish Chef. Fergie, do you know what he’s chasing?

FERGIE: He’s chasing a chicken.

BECCA: Yeah.


BECCA: Come on, come on. Tori. It was the obvious answer.

TORI: Right.

FERGIE: It’s a carry over sketch.


TORI: Yeah, I remembered that but, you know, I haven’t had a lot of chicken lately. That’s a lie. I had some chicken yesterday.

FERGIE: Is that when he throws the chickie in the baskie? That’s chickie in the baskie episode.

BECCA: I believe so. That I don’t have written down and I’m not gonna check the transcripts on that. But folks at home.

TORI: Becca. Becca. Becca.

BECCA: Folks at home, I don’t know, yell at me on Discord.

[Tori and Fergie laugh]

FERGIE: They will.

BECCA: They will. Question nine. The Martians are participating on a Guy Smiley game show: Bring That Thing. They were asked to bring things that shed light. The final object they bring to Guy Smiley studio is…

BECCA: This is one of my all-time favorite Sesame Street sketches for what it’s worth.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: I haven’t seen this but I’m just guessing that they get progressively bigger and I’m gonna guess it’s the sun.

BECCA: Tori. You have never been closer, but you are not correct. Fergie, do you want to try to steal?

[Tori laughs]

FERGIE: Is it the moon?

BECCA: It is the moon.


FERGIE: Damn, that’s messed up. I don’t even deserve that. [laughs]

BECCA: [laughs] I’m gonna post a link to this sketch because it is my favorite sketch, because it does end.

FERGIE: That sounds fantastic.

BECCA: With the Martians bringing the moon.

TORI: That sounds great.


TORI: Like the whole moon?


TORI: Okay.

FERGIE: Wow. Wow. Wow.

BECCA: They gotta win a prize. They’re not going to win a prize if they don’t bring three things that give light.

FERGIE: They gotta have something.

TORI: Yeah.

BECCA: Question 10. The Swinetrek flies through dumbo rays, dangerous rays that can affect anyone who is very dumb. Of course, they affect Link and they give him the ability to…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Is it Riverdance?

BECCA: Tori, I’ll give it to you. It’s tap dance.

TORI: Tap. For some reason I thought it was…

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: No, for some reason, I could picture Link Irish dancing and I thought.

FERGIE: I mean, that’s pretty close.

BECCA: Muppet Wiki refers to it as tap dancing. But for all I know…Listen, I’m not a dancer.

FERGIE: Below the frame, if you tell a puppeteer tap dancing or river dancing, I can’t imagine it’s that much different.


TORI: I believe that’s the Lesley Ann Warren episode if memory is correct.

BECCA: I don’t know. I didn’t write that down.

TORI: [laughs] Oops.

BECCA: Question 11. Piggy is fighting with Kermit so Loretta Swit takes over as the crew’s first mate. She manages to patch up Kermit and Piggy’s relationship by singing…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: What’s the name of that song? Tori.

TORI: I’m sorry. I hate that I’m taking all these. So I didn’t want to…


TORI: That song is “Side by Side” from Stephen Sondheim’s Company.

BECCA: It is.

FERGIE: I knew it was a musical. I knew it was a damn musical, and I’m so mad.

[Becca laughs]

FERGIE: And if anyone from Broadway is listening do not hold this against me, ever.

[Fergie and Becca laugh].


TORI: I didn’t want to take it. I knew you were a Broadway guy and I didn’t want to take it.

FERGIE: I thought it was “Friendship.” No, I was mistaking it from when Ethel Merman sang “Friendship” to Fozzie, but obviously (shouting) I don’t deserve my job on Broadway.

BECCA: [laughs] Uh, hello. Hold on. Yeah, Fergie, I’m getting a call from Broadway.

FERGIE: (in normal voice) Am I fired? Am I finally fired? Yeah, it’s about time.

BECCA: Well, first of all, they’re giving their regards to me.

[Tori laughs]

FERGIE: Oh wow. Oh great, thanks Broadway.

TORI: That’s very funny.

BECCA: And the last question in this round, question 12. The Swinetrek is about to be conquered by a horrible, ugly monster. However, our favorite crew members of the Swinetrek, and of course I’m referring to Captain Pighead, Snorty and Craniac, they instantly…

FERGIE: Ooooooh.

[Becca laughs]

TORI: Oh. You. Becca.

FERGIE: That’s effed up. That’s effed up. 

TORI: Really? The second generation. I don’t even remember that at all.

FERGIE: You know damn well I don’t know anything about Deep Dish Nine.

TORI: Deep Dish Nine. Why did you have to do that to us?

FERGIE: Swinetrek: Deep Dish Nine.

BECCA: Yeah, the next generation of Pigs in Space. Pighead, Snorty and Craniac instantly surrender because the monster that’s conquering their spaceship is actually…

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: Is it Marty Short?

BECCA: It’s not Marty Short. Good guess. But Tori, do you have a guess?

TORI: I’m assuming it’s like an actual. Is it the reunion episode? Is it Hogthrob and Strangepork? 

BECCA: No. There is no reunion episode.

TORI: I didn’t. You think I’ve seen Muppets Tonight recently?

FERGIE: I’m glad you wrote that though. I’m so happy that you wrote that reunion.

[All laugh]

TORI: Yeah, I’m gonna write a spec script.

BECCA: Tori, I love. My problem is not that you haven’t seen Pigs in Space: Deep Dish Nine, The Next Generation of Pigs in Space, my problem is that you said that with such confidence. Like oh, it’s the reunion episode.

[Tori laughs]

FERGIE: Yeah, they did it on Muppet Fest. Don’t you remember? That was like part of The Muppet Show live.

TORI: Yeah.

BECCA: Anyway, it’s one of the two jokes on Muppets Tonight, which is, it’s a beautiful woman and everyone is horny for her because it is, of course, Swedish supermodel Vendela.


TORI: Like, just randomly? She didn’t host an episode of Muppets Tonight. I’m not.

BECCA: She didn’t. She’s only in that sketch.

FERGIE: Yeah, I would have never guessed that.

TORI: See, you think they could just do like Spamela Hamderson or something. They could have had a Muppet.

FERGIE: Wait, what was the other? What’s the other joke? The one joke is definitely a woman is hot and all the Muppets have hard ons for her. What’s the other one?

BECCA: Oh, Piggy is fat.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: Yeah, Muppets Tonight, everybody.


BECCA: You should have seen that coming, Fergie.

FERGIE: No, I should have. I’m honestly upset I didn’t see it.

TORI: The 90s were a mistake.

[All laugh]

BECCA: No comment. I think all of us were born in the 90s. No, Tori you were born in the 2000s. You lucked out.

TORI: Yeah

FERGIE: Oh. Good work. Good work. You escaped it.

TORI: I escaped it.

BECCA: Speaking of escaping, let’s head to our next planet and our next round.

Here on planet, (echo sounding voice) Can You Guess? (in normal voice) That’s right. There’s a whole cantina full of bizarre aliens in outer space. In this game, I’m going to ask you about all of them. I will describe an alien planet, heavenly body or spacefaring vessel from a Muppet production. Your job is to buzz in and name the outer space thing.

Again, these questions will be worth two points each. And of course, please wait to buzz in until I finish describing that alien.

[Clip from The Muppet Show plays]

STATLER: You suppose they have any life on other planets? 

WALDORF: What do you care? You don’t have any life on this one.

[laugh track]

[Clip ends]

BECCA: Here we go. Question one. Even before he officially became an alien, he sang, “Hey, Mr. Spaceman” with Jimmy Buffett.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: That would be definitely not an alien Gonzo.

BECCA: It would be definitely not an alien Gonzo. Question two. In Muppets from Space Gonzo’s people speak directly to him by possessing this food.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: The first time or the second time?

BECCA: When they speak directly to him. Keyword, “directly.”

FERGIE: A sandwich.

BECCA: It is a sandwich.

TORI: I should have buzzed in because I literally made that sandwich for your website.

BECCA: I know. Check out that article.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: I did. Me and Joe Hennes made that sandwich. It tastes awful.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: Because it’s got both cucumber and pickle, which is the weirdest. Anyway.

FERGIE: It’s the most Gonzo sandwich that could exist. 

TORI: Yeah.

BECCA: Question three. On The Muppet Show, Kermit frequently reported from this planet.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Koozebane.

BECCA: It is the planet Koozebane. Question four. Speaking of outer space, this is the first creature that Traveling Matt encountered on his journey to Outer Space.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: A dog.

BECCA: Yes. Specifically?

FERGIE: Sprocket.

BECCA: Sprocket the Dog. Correct. Question five. In this recurring Sesame Street Star Trek parody, this vessel traveled the universe in search of the unexpected.

[Clock ticking sound]

FERGIE: You said Star Trek?

BECCA: It is a recurring Sesame Street Star Trek parody in which a spaceship travels the universe in search of the unexpected.

TORI: Sesame Street?

BECCA: Correct. No, I haven’t confused Sesame Street and The Muppet Show. This is my job. 

TORI: [laughs] No, I wasn’t. I was making sure I heard correctly.

BECCA: Okay, okay. Okay.

FERGIE: I think it’s more shame that’s coming out of our mouths. It’s not us delegitimizing you. 

BECCA: Next year will mark 10 years with ToughPigs. I do know.

[Clock ticking stops]

[Tori laughs]

FERGIE: Okay, Becca, we believe you. You know Henson properties.

BECCA: It is of course…


BECCA: There were like four or five of these. And some of them, I believe, feature Jim and Frank. 

TORI: I feel bad about me. Am I a real Muppet fan?

BECCA: It is, of course…

FERGIE: These are early?

BECCA: No. They kept going into our childhood too. Now I need to check the Muppet Wiki to make sure that I’m right about the amount of these.

FERGIE: I’m going to be so mad if I know what this is.

BECCA: Okay. So yes. There were three episodes of the original series. There was an original series and a next generation. Just like Star Trek. The original series was from the late 80s and featured Jim Henson and Richard Hunt. And then there was one episode of the next generation, which featured Marty Robinson, Kevin Clash, Rudman, and Camille Bonora.

FERGIE: Oh my god.

TORI: I can picture this. Because now that you’re saying it, I can picture the next generation one because I think it was on The Best of Sesame Street spoofs DVD.

BECCA: It absolutely was on The Best of Sesame Street spoofs DVD

TORI: I can’t for the life of me remember what they called it. So I’m just gonna buzz in and guess.

BECCA: Okay.

TORI: Sesame Trek.


TORI: It’s definitely not that.

BECCA: It is, of course, Spaceship Surprise.

FERGIE: I feel like I’m discovering fire for the first time. What is Spaceship Surprise? I know nothing of this.

BECCA: So, this was, again there were four of these.


BECCA: Recurring Sesame Street sketch, in which a crew of astronauts traveled the universe looking for things that surprised them. And they always landed on a planet where everything started with the same consonant blend.

FERGIE: Consonant.

BECCA: So well consonant blend. So, for instance.


BECCA: In episode 2607, originally premiering in 2607, the crew lands on the planet “Tr” where they are greeted by Trevor Trout.

TORI: Okay.

FERGIE: Okay. Yeah, I’ve never heard of this. This is so crazy.

BECCA: I’ll post a link.

FERGIE: Yay, new Muppet stuff.

TORI: Fergie, you and I have homework to do after this. I guess.

FERGIE: We really do.

BECCA: Question six. On the planet Koozebane, aliens perform this ritual as their mating dance.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: That is the Galley-oh-Hoop-Hoop.

BECCA: Tori, I want to say you got so excited to buzz in and say the Galley-oh-Hoop-Hoop.

TORI: (laughing) It’s such a fun word combination. I’m sorry.

FERGIE: I was about to buzz in and I definitely was not. I was gonna say something. I was gonna say something whoopity. And I’m very glad I did not.

BECCA: Which would have been close.

FERGIE: I’m glad I didn’t buzz in.

BECCA: Question seven. This Sesame Street animated character has nine hairs, nine eyes, nine nostrils, nine arms and nine toes.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Clock ticking stops]

BECCA: (singing) She’s a real… Martian beauty, my number nine cutie. She’s got nine hairs on her head.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: (in normal voice) I can see what you’re talking about but I cannot for the life of me figure out the name.

BECCA: (still singing) She’s got nine eyes.

FERGIE: I would have never got that, but I do know this. That’s horrible.

BECCA: (in normal voice) Okay.

FERGIE: Oh, that’s fantastic. 

 BECCA: Continuing. Question eight. These two aliens try to bestow Gonzo with the wisdom of the universe–

TORI: Wait.

BECCA: Yes, Tori?

TORI: You didn’t… You didn’t say her name.

BECCA: It’s the Martian. Beauty. That’s all that she’s referred to as.

TORI: Oh, I thought there was an actual name. Never mind.

BECCA: No, there’s no name beyond that.

TORI: See this shows how much Sesame Street I know.

BECCA: It was a Bud Luckey animated sketch like Ladybugs’ Picnic.

TORI: Oh, yeah.

BECCA: And it is on the album The Count Counts. Question eight. These two aliens try to bestow Gonzo with the wisdom of the universe, but they get confused in the process.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: Is it two fish?

BECCA: It is. Do you remember what they’re called? They have a specific name or title.

FERGIE: Cosmic Fish.

BECCA: They are the Cosmic Fish. Correct. Question nine.

FERGIE: Jacuzzi.

BECCA: [laughs] Question nine is not jacuzzi but it should have been. Question nine. This lunar body only appears in the water of the Gorgs’ well.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Is it the Merggle moon?

BECCA: It is not the Merggle moon. Sounds like somebody isn’t keeping up with Fraggle Talk. 

FERGIE: Shame. Shame. Shame.

BECCA: Tori, I’m texting Beth right now.

TORI: Don’t you dare.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: It’s the Fraggle moon. The Fraggle Moon, as featured in the episode “Capture the Moon.”

TORI: Listen, Fraggle Rock has always been my blank spot when it comes to Henson. I have not seen every episode. What I’ve seen, I’ve loved. I need to see more.

BECCA: I think that’s the last Fraggle Rock question of the day. So you’re good. Question 10. In Don’t Eat the Pictures, Big Bird and Snuffy befriend this Ancient Egyptian boy who becomes a star at the end of the special.

[Clock ticking sound]

FERGIE: No, come on.

[Buzz in ding]

FERGIE: I know it’s the ancient… It’s a…

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Sorry. I literally I saw this special like a month ago.

BECCA: Yes, we were there. We saw it live.

FERGIE: That’s not even fair.

BECCA: We saw it live.

FERGIE: I should’ve gone.

TORI: You should’ve. Chris Cerf was there.

FERGIE: I was busy.

TORI: Now I’m gonna get the name wrong but I think it’s Safu but I might be…

BECCA: You’re so close. I’m gonna give it to you. It is Prince Sahu.

TORI: You don’t have to give me that point.

BECCA: It’s fine. You’re fine. It’s a close game anyway. And listen, I don’t think either of you, knowing that both of you are a little weak on your Sesame Street knowledge, I don’t think either of you are going to get these next two questions correct. So let’s just cruise through them.

FERGIE: Bam. Damn.

BECCA: Question, 11. The villain of the recurring Mighty [Super] Morphin Mega Monsters sketches.

[Tori and Fergie laugh]

TORI: What are you talking about?

BECCA: The villain of the recurring, this is a recurring sketch from the 90s, Mighty Morphin Mega Monsters, this villain hails from the planet Enormous.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]


BECCA: Tori. 

TORI: All right, this is a terrible guess. Is it Rita Re-plus-a because it’s like math.

BECCA: I like that a lot but unfortunately this was not a very one-for-one Power Rangers parody despite the name and the theme song being the same and it including phrases like Zoe [Telly] Dactyl.

[Tori laughs]

BECCA: And yeah. Anyway, I’m of course, speaking of mean old Zaftig. Zaftig was an alien who used to shoot beams at the Earth to get kids to stop sharing. And then the Mighty Morphin Mega Monsters…

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: Would have to help them share.

TORI:  You’re making this up.

BECCA: I’ll post a link to it as well.

FERGIE: You know, Becca, this is not really fair because HBO took away all the episodes of Sesame Street. So how am I supposed to know all the villains of Mega Mighty Morphin’ Monster Time Fun stuff?

[Becca laughs]

TORI: If either of us lose this episode, we blame David Zaslav.

FERGIE: Blame David Zaslav.

TORI: Yes.

BECCA: [laughs] Listen, listen, listen. This is why you have to befriend all of the admins of Muppet Wiki. Question 12.

FERGIE: Oh yeah.

TORI: Collect them like infinity stones.

BECCA: In an early Sesame Street sketch, these two aliens learned about cooperation to pick a nectarine.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Is it Buddy and Jim?

BECCA: [laughs] It should have been. Fergie, any guesses? This feels like the kind of thing that Ryan Roe. Ryan Roe at home is screaming. ToughPigs editor Ryan Roe. I bet he loves these guys.

TORI: Hi, Ryan. Thank you for listening.

FERGIE: Yeah, I’m not gonna.

BECCA: It is, of course, the Geefle and the Gonk from the classic Geefle and Gonk sketch.

[All laugh]

TORI: Am I having a stroke? Is that what’s happening?

FERGIE: Zaslav.

BECCA: And a bonus question, what did the aliens name the nectarine once they cooperated to pick it?

FERGIE: What were their original names.

BECCA: Their names are Geefle and Gonk. What did they name the nectarine?


BECCA: No. They named the nectarine Shirley.

TORI: [laughs] I like that.

FERGIE: That’s funny.

BECCA: Anyway, let’s move out of that round into a different round because I think…

FERGIE: I hated that round.

TORI: Thank goodness.

BECCA: You guys needed it.

TORI: I like Sesame Street. I want to be very clear on the record and say, I like Sesame Street. I just haven’t.

FERGIE: No, no. I’m not gonna let you apologize, Tori. This is Zaslav’s fault. I can’t be properly educated on Sesame Street because he refuses to just respect the IP.


BECCA: [laughs] Well. Listen, you guys did really well that round even if you don’t want to admit it. And now, on our next stop… Wait a minute. What’s that in the sky? That’s no spaceship. That’s a moon. Not just any moon. That’s our moon. You know, there aren’t many humans who visited the moon. So you guys are in rarified air right now. Or no air because it’s the moon.

But there are a lot of Muppets who have been to the moon.

TORI: Oh no.

BECCA: So many in fact, that Muppet Wiki has a whole page about it. Man, Muppet Wiki has everything. Even the Mighty Morphin Mega Monsters.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: I know where this is going.

BECCA: Anyway, that’s why we’re going to play our favorite game…Tori?

TORI: Beat the Time! Nope, that’s not it.

BECCA: No, that’s it.

TORI: Oh yeah. Beat the time.

BECCA: You did it right. It’s…

[Clip from Sesame Street plays]

ANNOUNCER: Beat the Time.

[sound effects]

[Clip ends]

BECCA: Starting with Tori, for doing such a great job with that announcement.

TORI: Thank you.

BECCA: Starting with Tori, you’ll take turns naming Muppet and Henson characters who have visited the moon. This can be in any form. On a TV show, in animation, in books, in merch. And I’m counting moments from characters’ imagination and dream sequences as well. The point is, can I look at a picture of them setting foot on our favorite satellite? We’ll go back and forth between the two of you to see who can name more Muppet characters.

If you can’t remember or you get the answer wrong, your opponent will have a chance to steal. If neither of you can remember, we end the game. And remember, if you really don’t know, you can probably just guess. Over 30 Muppets have been to the moon. You can do this.

TORI: That’s a lot of Muppets.

FERGIE: That is a lot of Muppets.

BECCA: All right, Tori, name a Muppet who has been to the moon.

TORI: Cookie Monster.

BECCA: Cookie Monster. Correct. In “If Moon Was Cookie.” Fergie.

FERGIE: Ernie.

BECCA: Ernie has been to the moon in “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon.” Tori.

TORI: Does it matter what version of the character it is?

BECCA: It does not. I think I know what you’re thinking.

TORI: Okay. Baby Kermit.

BECCA: It is. I just have written down. Actually, I have Kermit written down twice, but you’re not going to get two points for that. That’s a mistake.

TORI: Oh, come on.

BECCA: Fergie?

FERGIE: Slimey.

BECCA: Slimey absolutely. In the “Slimey to the Moon” storyline. Tori?

TORI: I’m gonna… Miss Piggy.

BECCA:  Miss Piggy. Correct. Fergie.

FERGIE: Gonzo?

BECCA: Gonzo. Correct. Tori.

TORI: Summer Penguin.

BECCA: Summer Penguin. Correct.


BECCA: From the Muppet Babies reboot.

FERGIE: Oh oh okay well okay good.

TORI: Yeah that’s where I’ve been going for some reason.

BECCA: Fergie, let’s go. Name a Muppet.

FERGIE: Uncle Traveling Matt?

BECCA: Traveling Matt has not been to the moon. So, Tori, you get to give me two to steal. 

TORI: Fozzie?

BECCA: Fozzie is correct.

TORI: And then…Oh, Animal.

BECCA: Animal is…oh, Animal is correct. Okay, good. Back to Fergie.

FERGIE: Uh…Elmo?

BECCA: Elmo. Correct. In the song “Elmo and the Lavender Moon.” Tori.

TORI: I’m gonna go the opposite direction kind of. I’m going to say Skeeter.

BECCA: Skeeter. Correct.

FERGIE: Oh, good job.

BECCA: Fergie. 

FERGIE: Grover?

BECCA: Grover. Correct. On a Sesame Street calendar.

TORI: Oh, good for Grover. In the same vein, I’m gonna say Scooter.

BECCA: Tori, you are incorrect. There has never been a Muppet Babies episode where Scooter visited the moon.

TORI: That’s weird if Skeeter went up there and he didn’t.

BECCA: Correct.

TORI: That’s weird.

BECCA: Fergie, you get to name two Muppets now. So you get to guess twice.

FERGIE: It’s not gonna happen. It’s not gonna happen. Piggy? We already said Piggy.

BECCA: Piggy was already said so I’ll let you go again.

FERGIE: Okay. Can I ask is the rest obvious? Are they popular?

BECCA: Yes, there’s a bunch of popular characters still.

FERGIE: Dammit. Okay, let’s say Telly.

BECCA: Telly. Incorrect. Fergie, you get another guess though because… Oh, actually never mind.

FERGIE: Oh good.

BECCA: No, you both got one wrong.

FERGIE: Oh, the game’s over.

BECCA: The game’s over. You did it.

TORI: Oh no.

FERGIE: Damn it.

TORI: Because I had one.

FERGIE: We broke it. 

BECCA: Other possible choices I would have accepted. So I broke the list into two halves. Ones that you might have remembered and ones that you absolutely didn’t remember. So, for ones that you might have been able to guess: Rizzo from the Muppet Babies reboot.


BECCA: Bunsen and Beaker, also from the Muppet Babies reboot. Big Bird from a PBS advertisement where he and a little girl–

FERGIE: I am so dumb. Yep.

BECCA: Go to moments in world history. They’re at like the Berlin Wall as well, it’s weird.


TORI: Big Bird.

BECCA: Bert.

TORI: That was my next guess.

BECCA: Don’t remember when but I guess I could look on Muppet Wiki. But I’m not going to. The Martians, as mentioned, because they had to bring the moon to the studio.

TORI: Oh that should have been obvious. That should have been my first.

BECCA: Oscar the Grouch. Zoe.


BECCA: I don’t remember when again, it’s on Muppet Wiki. Look it up yourself.

FERGIE: These are all that I thought. I should trust my instincts. I thought all of these.

BECCA: I would have accepted any number of the worms from the WASA crew.

TORI: Mmm.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: But I didn’t want to say that.

TORI: I was gonna say, “other worms,” but I feel like you would have just said no.

FERGIE: Yeah. I feel like that was a cheat. [laughs]

BECCA: And, of course, Tutter the mouse from the song “When I’m older.”

FERGIE: Oh yeah.

BECCA: He imagines being the very first mouse on the moon.

FERGIE: Well, that’s on me. I forgot Tutter was a Muppet. 

BECCA: Well, I also would have accepted the following characters that you would not have guessed: Othmar the Grouch, Slimey’s girlfriend, Glo Worm.

TORI: Of course.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: Bunsen and Beaker’s robot duplicates, Bunsen 2.0 and Beaker 2.0 from the Muppet Babies reboot. And of course, your favorite characters, from your favorite Jim Henson show, the animated Dog City. I am of course, speaking of Heel Arfstrong, Ace Hart, Bugsy Vile, Bestov Breed, Hu Hu Zhu.

FERGIE: Hu Hu Zhu is truly my favorite that’s ever existed.

BECCA: [laughs]Your favorite Muppet.

TORI: I’m very glad I didn’t get a chance to say my next guess because it was going to be the fairies from Abby’s Flying Fairy School. I did think Bl?gg went to the moon for some reason. I don’t think he did but that was where my brain was going. So thank you for ending it there. But now I realize I just said it and everyone’s gonna hear that anyway, so…

BECCA: Hey everybody, everybody, make fun of Tori. No, I’m kidding.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: Yeah, everybody make fun. No, no, no. That’ll drive engagement. Go to the Twitters and the Discords and make fun of Tori. That drives the engagement.

FERGIE: Roast Tori.

[All laugh]

BECCA: All right, well, we’re gonna move on to our last regular round before we get into our two bonus rounds.

TORI: Oh, god.

BECCA: So, to get here, we need to go back in time. Specifically, we need to go a long time ago. And while we’re here in the past, we should probably travel a little bit. Like maybe while we’re in the past, we travel to a galaxy far, far away.

FERGIE: Dammit.

BECCA: That’s right.

TORI: I didn’t even think of this.

BECCA: It’s time to meet the stars of Star Wars in a round of (in echo sounding voice) Mystery Guest.

[Clip from The Muppet Show plays]

C3PO: Excuse me. Master Luke but what is this strange world we’ve come to?


SKYWALKER: Beats me 3PO. Seems we’ve landed on some sort of comedy variety show planet.

[R2D2 beeps]

[laugh track]

KERMIT: It’s The Muppet Show with our very special guest stars, the stars of Star Wars. Yaaay!


[Clip ends]

BECCA: (in normal voice) You know, Star Wars is basically the biggest film series of all time. And the Muppets are basically the biggest, most famous actors of all time. So it’s no surprise that many of the celebrities in the Star Wars films and TV shows have also appeared with the Muppets, Sesame Street, and the Henson gang.

In this game, I’ll describe a time an actor or other creative worked with the Muppets. Your job is to buzz in and name that actor. You’ll get two points for identifying them correctly. All of these actors have appeared in a live action Star Wars TV show or movie. Although some of them provided their voices to Star Wars aliens.

You will get one extra point for a total of three points, if you can name the role they played in a Star Wars movie or TV show.

TORI: I thought this was a Muppet trivia show.

FERGIE: You thought wrong.

BECCA: Tori, you listen to my show. You know the kind of…

TORI: Yeah. I know.

BECCA: You know the kind of stuff that I’ve given Anthony and Patrick points for.

TORI: I know.

BECCA: Anthony and Patrick have gotten points for just listing characters from Psycho.

TORI: Don’t make us do that, please! Because we’re not gonna. I’m not going to do well there.

BECCA: All right, well, here we go. Question one. He is widely considered to be the first celebrity guest on Sesame Street.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Who is James Earl Jones aka Darth Vader?

BECCA: It is James Earl Jones aka Darth Vader. Question two. He voiced SkekTek the Scientist in Dark Crystal: the Age of Resistance?

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: Mark Hamill. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

BECCA: Correct. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

TORI: Man, who’s his tailor? I love his outfits.

[Becca laughs]

FERGIE: It’s great stuff.

BECCA: Question three. He appeared in a Sesame Street online sketch alongside a Muppet snake and a Muppet plane.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie, by a hair.

FERGIE: Samuel L. Jackson.

BECCA: Mmhmm.

FERGIE: Who played Mace Windu in the what should be recalled prequels of Star Wars.

BECCA: And by should be recalled, you mean we should recall them using our memory because we love them so much and we want to think about them.

FERGIE: No, we should recall them so that the public forgets they existed. Although, I do love Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson and Natalie Portman. So I’ll give them that.

BECCA: The actors are very good. Maybe not, maybe not in these roles.

FERGIE: Not the material. Yeah. [laughs]

TORI: As someone a bit younger than you two, my generation loves those movies and sees no plotholes in them. So…

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: Yeah, my generation loves those full sail. Not me.

BECCA: I love those movies because I love trash. But I admit that I love trash.

TORI: Oscar?!

BECCA: I know. I know that.

FERGIE: Pod racing is excellent. I will stand by that. Pod racing is excellent and Jar Jar Binks is a great character.

TORI: Now, this is podcasting.

BECCA: You two don’t know this, but the audience at home know that our previous episode, I had Anthony and Patrick back for a rematch. And we probably spent like 15 minutes talking about pod racing.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: How did that come up?

BECCA: You’ll see. You guys will see you at home, you know. Folks at home, don’t tell Tori and Fergie, but they’ll find out. Question four. In a season 35 episode of Sesame Street, she played Allen’s temporary replacement at Hooper’s store.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Is that Queen Amidala, Natalie Portman?

BECCA: It is Queen Amidala, Natalie Portman. Correct.

TORI: I could just picture a young Natalie Portman at Hooper’s store. I couldn’t remember why.

BECCA: The hint was “she” because there’s really only about five of them.

TORI: And I figured it wasn’t Carrie Fisher. 

BECCA: Yes, exactly. Question five. In The Muppets sitcom episode “Going, Going, Gonzo” he plays poker with the writers and Big Mean Carl.

[Clock ticking sound]

BECCA: I can give you another clue.

FERGIE: Yes, please.

TORI: Yeah.

BECCA: He hosted the Sesame Street 50th anniversary celebration.

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie

FERGIE: Joseph Gordon Levitt?

BECCA: It is Joseph Gordon Levitt. Correct. Fergie, do you know who Joseph Gordon Levitt played in Star Wars?

FERGIE: Does he play a droid?

BECCA: No. Tori, do you know?

TORI: Joseph Gordon Levitt’s in what now?

BECCA: He’s in a lot of things. He’s in Don Jon. He’s in Inception.

TORI: Is he Unkar Plutt? The guy who gives Rey her food in the beginning of episode 7?

BECCA: No. He is Slowen Lo from episode 8, The Last Jedi.

TORI: I’ll believe you.

FERGIE: What the [bleep] is Slowen Lo?

BECCA: I haven’t seen episodes eight or episodes nine or Rogue One or any of the TV shows. So this is just all news to me.

FERGIE: Conjecture. [laughs]

TORI: Maybe watch episode 8 and some of the Mandalorian but you’re not missing out on much.

FERGIE: And Andor.

BECCA: Yeah, I hear Andor is good.

TORI: I still haven’t seen it but I heard it’s good.

BECCA: Question six. And here’s another question about the Creature Shop Gulliver’s Travels. 

TORI: Oh no.

BECCA: This actor played the giant jester Grildrig in the Creature Shop Ted Danson feature Gulliver’s Travels.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Is Bill Barretta in Star Wars that I don’t know. 

BECCA: Bill Barretta is not in Star Wars, but Bill Barretta is also not in the Creature Shop Gulliver’s Travels. You’re thinking of Bill Barretta.

FERGIE: He’s the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk.

BECCA: Correct.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: Never mind. Again, Creature Shop also a very deep…like I…no.

BECCA: Anthony Strand and I were talking about the Creature Shop Gulliver’s Travels, and it’s a really interesting made-for-TV miniseries because it has just about every, like, weird character actor you could want to see and some decent effects but there’s nothing Muppet-y or Henson about it.

FERGIE: Not one bit.

BECCA: Not one bit. Fergie, do you have a guess?

FERGIE: It’s not Harrison Ford, is it?

BECCA: It’s not Harrison Ford as a jester. It is, of course, Warwick Davis.

[Fergie laughs]

TORI: Oh, okay.

FERGIE: Horrible joke, but that’s great.

BECCA: And of course he played Wicket in Star Wars. Another question about Warwick Davis though. What two other more famous Creature Shop projects did Warwick Davis appear in?

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie?

FERGIE: I don’t know if I should have done this. This was back– Creature Shop projects! Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone?

BECCA: Creature Shop didn’t work on that. But good guess.

FERGIE: What do you mean? They made the big, they made the big monster guy, didn’t they? 

BECCA: Did they?

FERGIE: Or in Chamber of Secrets? They definitely worked on Sorcerer’s Stone.

BECCA: Wait, wait.

FERGIE: They made the troll. 

BECCA: Oh my goodness. You’re right. You’re right. They did. They made the troll. Fergie, you get two points.

TORI: I had no idea.

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: They made the troll.

BECCA: Fergie, I did not remember that. So it’s three, I guess.

FERGIE: Well, I mean, we’ll see because I don’t know if I remember the other. [laughs] I was about to click in and say Willow. But that was not Henson.

BECCA: That is not Henson. And that one I know is not Henson.

FERGIE: I don’t know what the other two are. That Warwick worked on?

BECCA: Correct.

FERGIE: Warwick worked on. Oh no, Indian in the Cupboard? That’s not Henson. Frank Oz directed that.

BECCA: Yeah. Frank Oz directed that but I don’t know.

FERGIE: I’m pulling out. I’m done. I don’t know anymore.

BECCA: Wait, wait, wait wait, nope. I don’t think he’s in that. He’s not in that but Jim Henson Company did work on the rat in the Indian in the Cupboard apparently.

FERGIE: Oh, okay. Great.

BECCA: The Jim Henson company. But Warwick is not in that.

TORI: I buzzed in.

BECCA: Tori, do you know?

TORI: I’m just gonna take two very wild guesses and say, he makes a weird cameo in Alexander and the Terrible, [Horrible, No Good,] Very Bad Day.


TORI: And he is one of the… He plays a lion in Dr. Doolittle 2

BECCA: No. So he was Marvin the Paranoid Android’s body in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

FERGIE: That’s a great movie. Even better book.

BECCA: The book’s better.

TORI: I’ve heard great things about the book.

BECCA: Yes, Warwick Davis is in that. I was right. He’s in the Marvin the Paranoid Android body. And he actually had a small role as a… No pun intended, that feels mean. He had a small role as a goblin in Labyrinth.



TORI: Like as a puppeteer?

BECCA: Well, in the suit.

TORI: Oh, yeah, at the end of the running. See I should have thought of…okay.

BECCA: Yeah, I mean he’s an in-suit performer. So that is a type of puppeteer but yes. Question seven. He played Bernard Crawford in The Muppets Take Manhattan.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: Lonny Price?


FERGIE: In The Muppets Take Manhattan, Bernard Crawford, I’m thinking of somebody else. Oh, wait, John Landis.

BECCA: No, you are wrong again.

FERGIE: Damn it.

BECCA: You’re thinking of Ronnie Crawford who is played by Lonny Price. But this…

FERGIE: Oh, it’s who plays his dad.

BECCA: Yes. But you guessed already. Tori, do you know?

TORI: No. But that doesn’t mean I can’t guess. A really, really young, in drag Daisy Ridley.

BECCA: Tori. I can’t believe you don’t know this because literally this week, I was listening to you talk about this on another podcast.

TORI: What other podcast?

BECCA: I’m, of course, speaking about Art Carney.


FERGIE: What did Art Carney do in Star Wars?

TORI: [unintelligible noises of excitement] That I know. That I know. Buzz buzz buzz.

BECCA: Tori, what did he do in Star Wars?

TORI: The holiday special.

FERGIE: Oh, the holiday special. Please kill me.

BECCA: Well Tori. Tori.

TORI: No, let me, let me tell you what he does in the holiday special.

BECCA: Okay.

TORI: He’s friends with Chewbacca’s family.

BECCA: Correct.

TORI: And I can’t tell you the character’s name so I don’t think I’m getting points but he like helps…No, he’s not… Art Carney I don’t think is Chewbacca’s mom. Well, isn’t Chewbacca’s family in that special?

 BECCA: Yes.

TORI: It’s his wife. His grandfather.


TORI: Yeah. And it’s like Art Carney helps them hide and gives the grandfather that weird thing.


TORI: We’ve all seen the Star Wars holiday special. I don’t know the guys name so you’re not going to give me points.

FERGIE: I’d forgotten.

BECCA: The character’s name is Saun Dann.

TORI: Okay.

BECCA: But you know, you are describing what he does pretty well. So I’m gonna give you two points.

TORI: Oh, thank you.

FERGIE: No, you deserve that.

BECCA: Question eight. When reminiscing about his time performing theater in Belfast, he recalls loving The Muppet Show in its original run. He says, “The Muppet Show was a firm favorite. I liked Kermit and Miss Piggy, even as ostentatious and egotistical as she was, she loved his green simplicity. She was madly in love with him and that was beautiful.”

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie, did you buzz in?

FERGIE: I did.

BECCA: Okay. Do you know who that is?

FERGIE: Is it Liam Neeson who plays Qui-gon Jinn.

BECCA: It is Liam Neeson, who plays Qui-gon Jinn.

FERGIE: [laughs] That’s such a descriptive…that’s an annoyingly descriptive way to describe Miss Piggy. Only Liam Neeson would do that.

BECCA: Correct.

TORI: I thought that was Alec Guinness for some reason and I don’t know why.

BECCA: It might just be that Alec Guinness is too old. Question nine. As a 12-year-old girl, she appeared in a live-action insert on Sesame Street about growing a garden in the inner city.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Tori.

TORI: Is that a really young Daisy Ridley?

BECCA: No. But it is a really young, obviously, a really young later Star Wars star. But it is not Daisy Ridley. Fergie, you wanna guess? 

FERGIE: Is it Rosario Dawson who plays Ahsoka Tano?

BECCA: It is Rosario Dawson, from my favorite movie Josie and the Pussycats.

[Tori and Fergie laugh]

BECCA: Question 10. He was nominated for an Emmy award for writing the song “When I’m with You” for the hit film Muppets Wizard of Oz.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: Michael Giacchino

BECCA: It is Michael Giacchino. Fergie.

FERGIE: Who also helped…Sorry go.

BECCA: I was gonna say you could name a character he played because he did play a character. But you could also name what movie he did music for.

FERGIE: I want to say he did music for The Rise of Skywalker, Episode 9?

BECCA: I don’t believe so. I believe just Rogue One. But let me double check.

FERGIE: Just Rogue One? That was my second guess. God dang it. No, don’t check. He didn’t do it because John Williams did all the last three films. I just didn’t know if he did additional music.

TORI: Yeah, he did a really bad job with that last one. Hot take.

FERGIE: I mean, there was a lot of bad jobs done with that last one.

TORI: Which is not a hot take.

BECCA: He did also play a Sith trooper in a Star Wars movie.


BECCA: Question 11. He performed such famous Sesame Street characters as Samuel Snively, Zizzy Zoomer, and Keith Heartburn.

[Clock ticking sound]

[Buzz in ding]

BECCA: Fergie.

FERGIE: It’s Frank Oz.

BECCA: It is Frank Oz. Correct.

FERGIE: Who plays Yoda.

BECCA: Correct.

[Fergie and Becca laugh]

TORI: Oh, Oh, you Becca, Becca, Becca, Becca.

BECCA: Muppet Wiki has a great list of like all the characters played by actors. So I just went through and looked for the weirdest names possible. From the list.

FERGIE: Usually most people go for Harvey Kneeslapper. You got really deep in there.

TORI: But no. Becca knows who she’s talking to.

BECCA: Correct. I know my audience.

TORI: If I’d heard Harvey Kneeslapper, I would have been slapping that knee right on the answer board.

BECCA: Buzzer.

TORI: Buzzer.

BECCA: Question 12 and the last question in this round. This designer helped build Sir Didymus and then later served as the creative director on the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

[Clock ticking sound]

BECCA: I don’t think anyone’s gonna get this, but this is just a fun trivia fact.

TORI: I know her name because I can picture her.

BECCA: Well, I don’t think it’s a her.

TORI: Oh, Never mind.

[Buzz in ding]

TORI: I think Fergie buzzed. Did Fergie buzz?

BECCA: No, this is not a her. Fergie, do you know?

FERGIE: I did buzz. I’m not right. Is it Mike Quinn?

BECCA: It’s not Mike Quinn.

FERGIE: Sir Didymus?

TORI: Don’t ask me because I was thinking of the mother of Yoda.

BECCA: So the answer…Well, this is the sequel trilogy. So not the mother of Yoda.

TORI: Right. Oh no, I thought maybe worked on Yoda and then never mind.

BECCA: Anyway, it’s Neil Scanlan. And it’s pretty cool. If you do some Googling.


BECCA: If you do some Googling, I learned this because I haven’t seen these movies, so I had to learn this. But he designed a monster for the Rise of Skywalker who appears for a split second in the background and is supposed to look like Ludo.



BECCA: He intentionally built it as a tribute to Ludo.

FERGIE: That’s so beautiful. I have to go find that.

BECCA: Anyway, either way this council does grant you the rank of trivia master. That’s a Star Wars joke.

FERGIE: Oh, thank you.

BECCA: As long as you’re a trivia master, why don’t you take over the hosting duties for a second? Because it’s time to play our first bonus round, our classic stump-the-host game, (in echo sounding voice) The Anything in the World Prize Game.

(in normal voice) As you know, in this round you will be able to ask me anything in the world. Literally, in the world of Muppets and space. Anyway, if you stump me, you will earn 15 points.

So let’s start with Tori.

TORI: Okay.

BECCA: Hold on, hold on, hold on. All right, Tori. Give me one of your questions.

TORI: All right. I was so worried and I know some other guests have been too that you would ask one of the questions I thought of, so I have several so let me just pick one real quick.

Okay, I have my question. May I ask it?

BECCA: You may.

TORI: Okay. [clears throat] In the DVD commentary from Muppets from Space, Rizzo says that the fan he and Pepe use to disguise their voices to convince Gonzo to build the jacuzzi cost several thousand dollars. Why did it cost that much?

BECCA: It came from outer space.

TORI: According to Pepe and Rizzo, It is the same fan used to make Darth Vader’s voice sound like that.

BECCA: All right. I will give you 15 points. Fergie, do you have a question?

FERGIE: I do. I’m going to take you back to the year of 1975. The first year with which Land of  Gortch premiered on Saturday Night Live. As we all know, this was a contentious period between Henson and the Saturday Night Live writers. Which famous comedian famously or infamously [bleeped] decided to take a stuffed Big Bird and tie a noose around him using one of the window shade stringies.

BECCA: Was it Chevy?

FERGIE: It was not Chevy. It was John Belushi.

BECCA: Okay, I mean I would have gotten there. I was just going.

FERGIE: You would have gotten there. It’s pretty easy to get there.

BECCA: Going through my SNL season 1 cast. But no. All right, so you will also earn 15 points.

Nice work. And before we return to Earth and bid our games ado, we’ve got one last game to play. That’s right. It’s anyone’s game in (in echo sounding voice) Say the Word. (in normal voice) In this round you can wager any amount of points. It’s like Final Jeopardy. The winner gets those points. The loser loses them. You will get to hear the question before you wager.

Now, fans at home are probably furious with me. That in this entire space.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: Well, they’re just probably furious with me in general. Let me rephrase that. 

FERGIE: No, I know what’s happening now. I’m very upset, but go ahead.

BECCA: Fergie L. Philippe is probably furious with me. But fans at home are probably furious that in this entire space-themed episode, I didn’t mention one particular Henson show at all.

FERGIE: No, please don’t do this.

TORI: Oh no, Becca please, I’m begging. I’m begging.

BECCA: Folks. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. I know you love your late 90s sci-fi show.

TORI: No. No.

FERGIE: Please don’t do this.

BECCA: About zany alien puppets on spaceships having adventures far into the scapes of universe.

FERGIE;Becca, please.

TORI: Becca, Becca, Becca, please.

BECCA: People have accused me before of unfairly treating this show like it doesn’t exist. So I knew I had to ask a super good question about it. That’s right. You guys know what I’m talking about. I’m talking about that hit Henson TV show from the late 90s with aliens and puppets, Brats of the Lost Nebula.

[Fergie laughs uproariously]

FERGIE: This is even worse.

TORI: It’s a little better, actually.

BECCA: Now, now, it is pretty generous. Brats of the Lost Nebula flopped. Like really flopped. But we can still pay tribute to my favorite Martians. So this question has two parts. As always, whoever gets more of these parts correct, and I will say gets closer to the number, will earn their points back.

I will tell you how many points you have once I’m done asking the question.


BECCA: So, here’s the question. Well actually here’s the points. Let’s do the points before we meet the brats.

TORI: Oh god.

BECCA: Tori, you have 68 points. Fergie, you have 81 points. Fergie, you pulled ahead in that Star Wars round because you definitely got more of the Star Wars characters.

FERGIE: Okay. Okay.

BECCA: It was literally tied before the Star Wars round. 

TORI: Darn you, George Lucas! See, you can blame David Zaslav if you lose and I’ll blame George Lucas if I lose.

FERGIE: You’ll blame George Lucas. There we go. That’s fair.

TORI: [laughs] Yeah. 

BECCA: So, Tori 68. Fergie, 81. Here’s your Brats of the Lost Nebula question. How many episodes of Brats of the Lost Nebula ever aired in the United States…

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: …between the years 1998 and 2020. Now, what we’re going to do as a tiebreaker if you both guess the same number, I want you also to send to me, there are five main orphan characters of the show. I want you to send me as many of their names as you remember.

Or you can just send me the number of episodes of Brats of the Lost Nebula to air in the United States between 1998 and 2020. So you’re going to send me that and how many points you want to bet. And you’re gonna DM it right to me.

FERGIE: Question.


FERGIE: The number of points that I bet is also the number of points I potentially lose.

BECCA: Correct.

TORI: So okay, I want to briefly say, and you can edit this out, I have no recollection of any of this. But I should, because, in case you asked one of my other questions, I had a Brats question as my stump-the-host. But I remember nothing of what I looked at like six hours ago. Like it’s completely empty.

BECCA: Here’s the problem. You’re dealing with the internet’s number one Brats of the Lost Nebula expert.

FERGIE: Jesus Christ.

TORI: So that would’ve been murder if I’d asked that question.


BECCA: So neither of you even tried to guess the names of the orphans, who are, of course… 

[Tori laughs]

FERGIE: Not one bit. 

BECCA: Of course, Zadam, Zadam’s younger sister, Triply. Their friends Duncan, Lavana and Ryle.

FERGIE: Why did Henson think this was a good idea?

TORI: Why didn’t I spend more time on that Muppet Wiki page?

BECCA: You did both guess an amount of episodes of Brats. Tori, you guessed 67–You bet 67 points. You did not guess 67 episodes of Brats of the Lost Nebula.

TORI: No, I wasn’t that stupid.

BECCA: You bet 67 points. Tori, how many episodes of Brats of the Lost Nebula did you bet?

TORI: I guessed eight episodes of Brats of the Lost Nebula.

BECCA: Okay. Fergie. You only bet five points. You were playing conservatively.

FERGIE: I did. I was.

BECCA: You were like you’re already in the lead. You were playing it safe. Fergie, how many episodes of Brats of the Lost Nebula did you say aired in the United States? 

FERGIE: I said three.

BECCA: Fergie, talk about a three-pointer from downtown. You are correct.


BECCA: Only three episodes of Brats the Lost Nebula ever aired in the United States.

FERGIE: That is the only fact I ever remember about Brats. I’ve not seen one episode. I think I’ve read the Muppet Wiki page three times. But I remember that it was three episodes.

TORI: This show did as well as Little Muppet Monsters. That’s incredible.

BECCA: Well, I will say, I believe it aired 10 episodes in Canada. So if our Canadian episodes are listening, I did specify in America. You can catch all of these episodes now, I believe, on the Roku channel. And you can read, Anthony and I wrote a review of those three episodes of Brats of the Lost Nebula on ToughPigs. Which includes me doing fan art of every character from Brats of the Lost Nebula. So you can see it all.


TORI: If I would have asked you, “Name the main villain of Brats of the Lost Nebula?” I would’ve gotten no points.

BECCA: So here’s the problem. I’m bad at names. It’s…no, I don’t remember. You would have gotten it.

TORI: It’s Hextar Vigar for the record.

BECCA: Isn’t Blite his sidekick?

TORI: I think. I didn’t write that down.

BECCA: Okay. But anyway Hextar Vigar.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: But the point still stands, right? Our winner and today’s Toughest Pig is Fergie Philippe.

TORI: Yaaaaay! Go, Fergie!

FERGIE: This is an honor.

TORI: I’m so happy for you.

BECCA: Fergie, you win your choice of fabulous prize between these two things. A Pigs in Space picture that I haven’t finished yet, but it is coming along nicely. So a little Pigs in Space picture or, you know, I’ll draw you your choice of Brats of the Lost Nebula. Those are your choices.

FERGIE: I’ll take the first one. Thank you so much. [laughs]

BECCA: Okay. I will get that to you shortly.

FERGIE: Thank you so much.

BECCA: And that brings us to the end of another one. So guests, where can people find you if you wish to be found? Let’s start with Tori.

TORI: Yeah, start with the loser. No, I’m kidding. You can find me on Twitter. Yes. I will be calling it that. You can find my Muppet stuff on Twitter @MuppetNo. You can find my personal stuff. [laughs] That sounded weird. You can find my other stuff on Twitter @spellthings because I can’t spell anything. You can also probably find me lurking in the ToughPigs Discord or lurking in the deli section of the local grocery store.

BECCA: All right. And Fergie, where can people find you?

FERGIE: You can find me on every single social media platform @fergsters95. That’s F-E-R-G-S-T-E-R-S 9 5.

BECCA: And I gotta say, Joe posted a video of your Muppet Christmas Carol cabaret show from a couple nights back when we’re recording this. Because we’re recording this before Christmas. You did a phenomenal job and it’s so cool that you did that, Fergie.

FERGIE: Oh, thank you.

BECCA: I want to shout that out. And you’ll definitely let us know on social media when that movie comes out and that new off-Broadway show opens. I mean, I assume.

FERGIE: Absolutely, you can all find the stuff there. And if you ever want to come see, 54 Below Muppet Christmas Carol, we do it every year. This was our third year doing it. So exciting.

BECCA: I’m gonna have to come next year.

FERGIE: Please do.

BECCA: Tori, you’re gonna have to come next year.

TORI: I guess I will be coming next year if I’m still in New York.

FERGIE: I hope so.

BECCA: Well, you can find me, Becca Petunia, on most social media platforms @tallgirlpetunia, all one word. Technically, I’m on X at a different name. I’m on X @unclepetunio, but I’m gonna be real with you. I don’t log on to X that often anymore. I occasionally 

TORI: Who blames you?

BECCA: Whatever. Listen X is garbage. But of course, the biggest place that you can find me if you need to talk to me is I am, of course, the moderator of, or one of the two moderators of the ToughPigs Discord server. We’re doing some cool stuff there. It’s been great. There’s been some fun conversations and art and jokes and people complaining about Muppet Family Christmas. I mean, not Muppet Family Christmas. Excuse me. No one would complain about that.

TORI: Whoa.

BECCA: I meant to say people were complaining about Muppet Classic Theater. Is what I was trying to say.

FERGIE: That’s not better. Who is? I’m coming on the… I don’t Discord and I’m logging onto Discord right now so I can yell at people.

BECCA: You’re not gonna want to listen to not the most recent, but two episodes ago on Movin’ Right Along because Anthony Strand has never been grouchier.

TORI: I will say, if you want to listen to a podcast talk good about Muppet Classic Theater, seek out my show’s episode because me and my guests, we did talk good things about it.

FERGIE: Okay. I will go listen to that, Anthony Strand.

BECCA: Well, besides the ToughPigs Discord, you can find ToughPigs at You can also find ToughPigs on Twitter/X, Facebook, Instagram, Bluesky. Technically, we have a Tumblr that I keep forgetting to update. Even though I promised I would. And if you like our stuff, you can donate to the ToughPigs Patreon where you can get even more free stuff.

We also have ToughPigs t-shirts which include our (in echo sounding voice) Hubba-Wha?! (in normal voice) shirt. A bunch of shirts I designed, including one inspired by The Monster at the End of this Book. Some cool stuff, some cool new stuff. Oh, look a (in echo sounding voice) Hubba-Wha?! (in normal voice) sticker.

FERGIE: Oh. Hubba-wha?!

TORI: Hubba-hubba-wha?!

BECCA: I’m wearing a shirt, one of our Muppet Christmas Carol shirts, it says the Great Gonzo as Charles Dickens.

FERGIE: Oh, that’s right.

BECCA: Because, oh, that’s mine as well. The person in your neighborhood. I designed that as well. I didn’t design the Manhattan Melodies one, but that’s a good one.

TORI: I’m holding out my computer back plate.

BECCA: Yeah. Yeah. Tori’s got a lot of stickers. And some of them I designed but not all of them. But yeah, check that all out on our ToughPigs Teepublic.

And I’d like to thank some other people for helping out. Of course, both of our guests. Thank you. You guys were great sports, even when things got ridiculous, which is what I love. Thank you to Staci Rosen for writing the theme music to this show. Thanks to Richard Gomez for doing the host artwork. Thanks to Katilyn Miller for writing our transcripts. Thanks to Joe Hennes, the ToughPigs Muppet fan podcast executive producer


BECCA: Do you know the Brats of the Lost Nebula?

FERGIE: Yes, Ish.


BECCA: He’s the one who kind of looks like Ryle.

[Tori laughs]

BECCA: Anyway, I also want to thank the sesquipedalian Dr. Strangepork.

[Fergie laughs]

BECCA: And lastly, thanks to all of you at home for being with us on (echo sounding voice) Hubba-Wha?! (in normal voice) the Muppet quiz show. And as always, listen, folks really did get angry at me. So I want to say, one day, I promise to talk about Farscape.

Good night, everybody.

[Hubba-Wha?! outro music plays]

[Clip from Sesame Street plays]

[Laser sound effects]

TELLY: Hey, did you study for that math test.

ZOE: What math test?

[Notification beeps]

TELLY: Oh, oh oh. There’s a message coming in on my wrist computer.

ROSITA: Oh boy.

TELLY: Looks like trouble.

ROSITA: Uh oh.

TELLY: It is trouble.



TELLY: That mean old Zaftig from the planet Enormous is causing trouble again. You know what that means?

[Music plays]


TOGETHER: Morphin time!

ELMO: Elmosaurus!

ZOE: Zoeceratops!

TELLY: Telly Dactyl!

ROSITA: Rosita Raptor!

[Music fades out]

[Clip ends]

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