Hubba-Wha?! Episode #26 – Spaceflight

Published: January 18, 2024
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Space: it’s not as deep as you think. But it’s deep enough that, even after last week’s Muppets From Space episode, Becca is back with a Hubba-Wha?! all about Muppets in space. Like… the place. Look, it’ll make sense.

Joining her on her mission beyond the stars are Broadway’s own Fergie L. Philippe and Tori Schmidt of the Muppets No Context Twitter. Who’s the Toughest Pig in the galaxy? These contestants will have to answer questions about the crew of the Swinetrek, the stars of Star Wars, and who wants to live on the moon if they want to succeed in their spaceflight. Play along at home and let us know how you do!

PLUS: Becca finally pays tribute to that late 90s Henson alien show y’all love so much…

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Hosted by: Becca Petunia

Guests: Fergie L. Philippe & Tori Schmidt

Questions, Logo, Production, and Editing by: Becca Petunia

Theme Music by: Staci Rosen

Additional Host Artwork by: Richard Gomez

Transcripts Provided by: Katilyn Miller

ToughPigs Muppet Fan Podcast Executive Producer: Joe Hennes

ALSO: Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip… uh-huh, uh-huh.

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