TP at NYCC: Jesse Blaze Snider and James Silvani videos

Published: April 8, 2011
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The 2010 New York Comic Con was a while back. In fact, it was in 2010, which was, like, last year. But recently, a team of Tough Pigs archaeologists unearthed some heretofore unseen video interviews with Muppet comic book creators, which we are excited to share with you now. Watch the videos below and travel back… back in time… to an era when Muppet comics were still being published…

First up, Tough Pigs’ own Joe Hennes interviews Jesse Blaze Snider, writer of the fabulous Muppet Snow White. Of all the various writers who worked on Boom Studios’ Muppet line, Snider is probably the biggest Muppet geek, as he proves in the video.

Next, Joe has a chat with James Silvani, who provided the lovely artwork for issues two through four of Muppet King Arthur (and who more recently has been doing great work on Boom’s Darkwing Duck comic).

Better late than never, right? Our thanks to Messrs. Snider and Silvani… and be on the lookout for more NYCC video interviews, which we will hopefully post sometime before July of 2014!

In case you missed them, click here to watch our video interview with Caroll Spinney, and click here for our interviews with Amy Mebberson and Grace Randolph. And then click here to be legally prevented from using the LaChoy Dragon on the Tough Pigs forum!

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