Tough Pigs Caption Contest #2 RESULTS!

Published: October 18, 2012
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Not so very long ago, I posted some amusing Muppet-related photographs on this world wide website and requested that you, the reading populace, submit your finest humorous captions for said photographs.  I got some good’uns!

A lot of you had very similar ideas for each of the pictures. I’m not going to come right out and accuse you of copying off each other’s papers, especially because you’re located in different places all over the world, but it’s mighty suspicious how many people said “This is Doc Hopper’s kitchen” for picture #2. I guess the point I’m trying to make is: If you’re disappointed that your captions didn’t make it into this post, it’s probably means you submitted a caption that was much-duplicated. But let’s not dwell on disappointment, let’s look at funny captions! See below for the top five captions for each picture!


 “Thank You For Being A Friend”
-Scott Hanson

“Stud not name! Stud job!”
-Robyn Learn

“Sweetums and his lunch.”
-Ivan Guerrero

“Nair: The Before and After.”
-Jessie Steele

“HEY! I WANNA GO TO HOLLYWOOD!…well, this does make a convincing argument.”
-Hubert A


“The secret to keeping happy feet is to rotate them every 5,000 miles.”
-Robyn Learn

“You know what? I don’t think Kermit’s Swamp Years needs a prequel.”
-Matt Soberman

“Oh well… You don’t really see ‘em that often anyways!”
-Chandler Jackson

“Despite Kermit’s desperate plea for rescue pinned to the bulletin board beside him, it looked like he was on his own.”
-Noel Schonhurst

-Martha Crannell


 “Hey.  Look up there!”  “Oh my!  Yes, those captions for the second picture are funnnnnny!”
-Noel Schonhurst

“Listen bud, there’s ‘Jason Stackhouse’ from True Blood!”
-Staci Rosen

“Watch, this is my favorite part of The Full Monty.”
-Scott Hanson

“What’s this I hear about you making fun of my musical?”
-James Dixon

“They didn’t ask you to be in The Avengers either?!”
-Weston Long

So that went pretty well. My thanks to everyone who submitted captions! As stated in the initial post, your prize is seeing your caption on the internet, so congratulations! If you have any funny or unusual Muppet photos you think might have caption potential, send them to me at

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