Tough Pigs Caption Contest #2

Published: September 13, 2012
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Is two years long enough between installments?  I don’t want this feature to wear out its welcome, but it seems to me it might be heaps of fun to do another one after the success of the first one.

Here’s the deal: Below you will find three Muppet-related photographs. If you can come up with an amusing caption for any or all of them, send them to me at by Thursday, September 27. And sometime after that, I’ll post the best captions for each picture, and the internet (and the world!) will be a little bit brighter for it.

Please note that Tough Pigs ain’t got no money, so you won’t actually win any prizes if your caption is chosen, but you will have the love and admiration of your fellow Muppet fans, which is worth far more than any jewel, and at least as much as tickets to a concert by Jewel. Now here are the pictures:




Okay, now send in your captions to!

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by Ryan Roe –

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