Muppet Movie Blu-Ray Extras Announced

Published: June 29, 2013
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Muppet-Movie-Blu-rayWith less than two months to go until we see The Muppet Movie’s release onto Blu-Ray (on August 23rd!), we’re just now getting an idea of the bonus features to be included on the set.  And those features are:

  • Disney Intermission Frog-E-Oke Sing-Along
  • Jim Frawley’s Extended Camera Test
  • Doc Hopper’s Extended Camera Test Commercial
  • Original Theatrical Trailers
  • Outtake Easter Eggs
  • Pepe Profiles Kermit – A Frog’s Life

Back in December, we discussed the things we’d like to see on the Blu-Ray set, which included a few of the above.  Jim Frawley’s camera tests seemed to be a given.  We’re getting extra, never-before-seen footage of Doc Hopper (maybe that’s where we’ll see him covered in feathers?).  Maybe the “Outtake Easter Eggs” include the footage we’ve recently seen on YouTube.  All good stuff!

However, the thing we wanted most was some quality commentary.  I guess we’ve lived this long without them, so we can go a little longer.  But no, that’s a terrible excuse.  It’s flat-out stupid to deprive us of commentary from Jim Frawley, the Muppet performers, or any of the hundreds of people who could make a fascinating commentary on the movie.  Boo, hiss.

But that won’t stop us from getting the Blu-Ray.  If nothing else, we’ll be able to watch The Muppet Movie in brilliant quality, which is bound to add a whole new level of enjoyment.  Even if we have to record our own commentary.

Click here to find the Easter eggs on the ToughPigs forum!

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