The Muppet Suggestion Box: Your Responses

Published: January 29, 2010
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A few weeks back, I asked for your suggestions for the Muppets, regarding anything you thought they should be doing, or doing differently. I got a heap of great responses via e-mail and the Tough Pigs forum, and most of them are genuinely good ideas… even if a few people didn’t quite seem to get the hang of the “two sentences or fewer” rule. So now here it is: The Muppet Suggestion Box!

“I would like to see more of the old stuff being released unedited on DVD, like Hey Cinderella and The Muppet Musicians of Bremen. I know there are copyright discrepencies with a few of the characters, but Disney owns the rights to most of them.”

“The Electric Mayhem should release their own ‘greatest hits’ album, or at least Rowlf should re-release Old Brown-Ears is Back!”
Robert P

“Can the EFX collectibles Piggy be AMAZING please, with lots of different costumes for separate purchase.”
Peter S

“Disney should find a way to provide fans of every age with all the Muppet goodies (plush, stationery, pvc figures) we used to have back in the day. A direct-marketing strategy could prove fruitful and has very little overhead.”

“Since Disney bought the Muppets, the bonus features on Muppet DVDs have been way too skimpy (but then again so have Muppet DVDs themselves). Yo, Disney – you bought the back catalog – shouldn’t you … you know … DO something with all those profitable treasures collecting dust in the vaults?”
D.W. M

kermitcurtainNEW STUFF
“If they ever do another Muppet TV show, Kermit needs to host it. Sorry, Clifford… nobody captures grace under pressure the way the frog does.”

“[J]ust bring back a half-hour tv series. With Glee proving we have an appetite for production numbers on mainstream television, and pop music’s number one star, Lady Gaga, being a massive Muppets fan and would likely jump at the chance to be in a Muppet Show-done-right, I’d say now’s the time.”
Jamie B

Better cameos! Go ahead and try to tell me that Bob Hope, Steve Martin and Mel Brooks are on the same plane as Kelly Ripa, Rob Schneider, and the cast of Dawson’s Creek (minus Dawson).”
David L

“Give the Muppets a late night-esque talk show. That way they’ll get to do skits and songs, have celebrity guests, and flex their improv skills without having to go back to the variety show format.”
Joe H

“I think the Muppets should stop trying to be part of ‘hot’ trends that will fade within a year.”

“For The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made I’d love to see Muppeteer cameos just like they used to do in the original Muppet movies.”

“Just a shot in the dark, but what about another video game. That game with Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Rabbit stirred up some attention.”
Justin T

“I think the muppets should try doing something like the first half of the The Jim Henson Hour, (the Muppets in the virtual studio) again. They could incorporate the idea of the Muppets using the internet to travel anywhere, so they could have segments like the internet shorts Disney is making now, old bits from The Muppet Show, and even footage of the Muppets going on location in the ‘real world.’

MuppetShowComic3Gonzotaps“Get Roger Langridge and Pete Docter to collaborate on a new Muppet project. Langridge’s comics have captured the Muppets better than anyone in recent years, and Docter is a brilliant director and proclaimed Muppet fan.”
Anthony S

“I think having an hour-long Muppet music special with Muppet-friendly guests (read: glitzy production number-friendly guests) like Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert would be perfect.”
Carolyn W

“A reality show called, Who wants to Be a Muppeteer? should be filmed with the prize being a job at the Jim Henson Company. Weekly guest stars should be Muppet characters, but the actual judges should be Kevin Clash, Caroll Spinney, and you.”
Eric L

Four words: Muppet Baby Viral Videos.”
David L

“Make that Jason Segel Muppet movie, and make it DAMN FINE.”
Peter S

“I think a new animated series could be fun. It would keep the regular performers working, but it wouldn’t have the pressure on it of a brand-new prime-time Muppet Show. That’s why the comics work so well. Plus, Disney could call in top voice experts for the more obscure characters who don’t have a regular puppeteer. And there wouldn’t be the trouble of re-building old puppets. And maybe the scripts could go through the Pixar story department. Get the Disney artists on this soon!”
Tom H

Pigs in Space (The Animated Series on the Disney Channel). A 2-D Kim Possible animation style could work. It can have edge, multiple Muppet guest spots and still pop enough for the kids. There are also endless toy possibilities and it won’t interfere with the classic Muppet brand. Can’t you see all the merchandise for this?

“I want the Muppets to try new things again. I know Disney’s big acquisition was Kermit and Piggy and company, but I don’t want them to be hemmed in by that. I want them to experiment. I want them to create new characters. I want them to create new worlds. I want Muppet appearances on TV to not just be the Muppet Show characters singing a song, but to be new weird funny experimental abstract sketches — the modern equivalents of ‘Java’ and ‘The Computer Monster’ — that don’t need to have principal characters in them. Steve and Dave and Eric and the rest of them are immensely talented performers; make them stretch!

“When a TV host says “And now, the Muppets!”, I want the audience to not know what they’re going to get.”
Grant H

A love that dare not speak its nameCHARACTERS
“This may be the unlikeliest Muppet thing to ever happen… but I think a viral video reunion of Scred and Lily Tomlin singing a duet again, even just reprising “I’ve Got You Babe,’ would be great. Bring back Scred one more time, please.”

“Bring back Bean Bunny. I think he could actually make a great pairing with Pepe, both of whom are attention whores but have completely incompatible tactics.”
Peter P

“Where’s Bean Bunny and Clifford? Don’t leave out the cuteness and cool factors.”
David H

“We need to see more comebacks from more characters. In recent years we’ve seen classic Muppet stars such as Scooter, Crazy Harry, and even Guy Smiley becoming active again after years of ‘performer conflict’-based withdrawal (ie. death, retirement, etc.), I personally would like to see characters like Sherlock Hemlock, the ‘Land of Gorch’ cast, Uncle Deadly, and the team of Wilkins and Won’tkins be among the lucky veterans to return in all their Henson-ish glory.”
Robert P

“Every single new character developed since Jim Henson passed away is based on a racial/ethnic stereotype. I suggest concentrating on more unique character traits that made the original group so beloved, and stop forcing the easy cliches.”
Michael I

Less Pepe, more Dr. Strangepork.”
David L

Holy crap, Piggy is HOT!“Redo Piggy with eyes, wig and ears like late 70s/early 80s Piggy. She looks wrong trying to be aloof and sassy with dopey innocent eyes, ears on her forehead and limp plastic hair! Nobody likes a needy fat girl, but everyone loves a voluptuous diva with a knowing gaze.”
Peter S

“Officially assign (or announce) replacement performers for Richard Hunt and Jerry Nelson’s characters so they can be more active in ‘live’ appearances! It was great seeing Scooter on SNL and Floyd on Extreme Home Makeover, now I want more, more more of these characters!”

“Gonzo should be reached as a spokes-Muppet for PETA and push for a world-wide ban on poultry farms and their mistreatment of chickens.”
Robert P

“Steve’s Kermit shouldn’t be afraid to lose his cool, or make the occasional [snide/sarcastic/threatening/downright mean] remark. Jim’s Kermit was funny, suave and sentimental, with a huge heart … but I miss the harried stage manager who often seemed to be at the end of his rope!”
John T

“Robin should be featured in at least ONE Virmup on Youtube, he’s been out of the spotlight for too long and I’m sure we’d all like to see him and Sweetums perform together again.”
Robert P

“No, for real, whoever’s scripting should definitely limit Kermit and Piggy to one or less frog and pig related pun per appearance, respectively. And at least check all the basic technical stuff before going live.”

“Please begin to include Rowlf in a more prominent role in future productions. Many Muppet fans have requested this repeatedly since he has been a fan favorite who has been vastly underused for so many years.”
Steven H

“Why don’t they put on some of the old shows and movies on their channels? I’m sure the demand for the same episode of a cartoon 30 times a day from those kids is just incredible, but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind a little variety in their programming anyway. I think they should put The Muppet Movie or The Great Muppet Caper on TV.”
Justin T

“The Disney Channel should start having 48-hour weekend-long nonstop Muppet marathons!”
Michael W

My thanks to everyone who posted or e-mailed their suggestions! Click here to be highly suggestible on the Tough Pigs forum!

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