The Muppet Suggestion Box: Call for Submissions

Published: January 9, 2010
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Avocado-764282 You know who should be in charge of the Muppets? The fans!

Well, no. That would actually be a pretty bad idea. I don’t know about you, but I don’t know the first thing about running an entertainment franchise.

And yet, every time the Muppets make a move of any kind, we fans have all sorts of opinions about it, so clearly we’re not lacking ideas. And I’m pretty sure some of the folks responsible for bringing us new Muppet stuff browse this site on occasion, so what kind of internet fans would we be if we didn’t use this space to tell them how to do their jobs?

We’ve seena surge in Muppet activity recently, and as announced at the D23 convention, there are a lot of new Muppet projects on the horizon, so they’re going to need all the help they can get to make sure everything is good. Which is why I’ve just invented the Muppet Suggestion Box.

Here’s what I need from you: A suggestion, expressed in two sentences or fewer, about something you’d like to see the Muppets do differently. Post it on the Tough Pigs forum or e-mail it to me: It can be about characterization, it can be about the upcoming film The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made, it can be about the puppets, merchandise, talk show appearances, songs, whatever. Just make sure it’s two sentences or fewer. For example, you might say: “Bring back the Gonzo/Rizzo pairing! Rizzo is funnier with Gonzo than without him.” Or you might say: “It’s been too long since we saw Louis Kazagger! He should be in the new movie!”

You can send me more than one suggestion if you want (but don’t go nuts and send me 500 of them). And heck, it can even be a silly suggestion, like, say, “The Swedish Chef should wear Crocs!” (I sincerely hope there are no Muppet fans out there who actually think the Swedish Chef should wear Crocs.) It doesn’t have to be about the Muppet Show characters… If you have suggestions about Sesame Street or Henson Company productions, that’s cool too. Post them on the Tough Pigs forum or send them to, and I’ll post all the good ones here on the site in three weeks. And who knows? Maybe somebody out there will take notes.

Click here to talk about how presumptuous we are for telling the Muppet people how to do their jobs on the Tough Pigs forum!

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