Muppet Book Club

“The Many Faces of Ernie”

And, BAM! Just when you least expected it, here’s another meeting of the Muppet Book Club.

Yeah, I know, they sneak up on you. The Muppet Book Club is the Tough Pigs discussion salon, where we all read the same book and then gather together for urbane conversation and cheap jokes. And speaking of cheap, you don’t have to spend a dime on it — you get the whole book right here, and the discussion is waiting for you on the Tough Pigs Forum. What could be easier?

The current selection is The Many Faces of Ernie, a 1979 Golden Book written by Judy Freudberg and illustrated by Normand Chartier. It’s a story of deception and intrigue, featuring oatmeal, false beards, blond wigs and a mouthful of toothpaste. Put aside all those boring stories! It’s time for the Book Club…

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Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. The main theme of this book is the shifting nature of identity. Ernie thinks that he can change himself at will, yet Bert sees through to the truth behind each disguise. Why, ultimately, does Bert’s perception fail, and what does that say about the possibility of ever truly knowing another person?


2. Frazzle comes in to Ernie and Bert’s house and immediately starts wreaking havoc — eating furniture, stealing books and doing some kind of weird Riverdance step. This is clearly a very impolite monster. So why does he knock on the door before coming in?


3. With all those cool disguises in the regular disguise kit, what do you think could be in the Super Disguise Kit? Wouldn’t it be cool if you had one? What would you dress up as first?

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