Sesame Street Comics Contest: RUNNERS-UP

Published: November 30, 2015
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A couple weeks ago, we asked you guys to use your artsy talents to enter our Sesame Street comic book contest.  The deal was this: You illustrated a picture of a Sesame Street/comic book mashup, five winners will win free copies of the new Sesame Street comic book, and one grand prize winner gets a caricature of themselves as a Muppet by Rolo Mallada (a Sesame comic artist)!

We were absolutely blown away by the response!  We received almost 40 pieces by over 20 artists.  Some of you got creative with the “comic” side of the mashup, some of you went obscure with the Sesame characters, and somehow we ended up with several Oscar/Garfield combinations.

Choosing the winners was going to be too difficult a task for us.  Plus, we didn’t want anyone to get mad at us.  So we called in a ringer!  Our pal Jay Fosgitt, who has done his fair share of Muppet fan art as well as some covers and internal pages from the Sesame Street Comic, agreed to join us as our guest judge!  His picks will be featured in our follow-up article coming in just a few days.

Our follow-up article will also feature a bunch of our personal favorites, so if you entered the contest and don’t see your picture below, don’t get too excited yet!  Only a handful of the twenty-or-so images not seen here will receive prizes.  And as you can see from some of the fantastic entries below, our picks are bound to blow you away.

So before we get to the winners, here are our runners-up, presented in alphabetical order by artist name.  Many, many thanks to each of you who entered!

And remember to head to your local comic shop this week to pick up issue #3 of the Sesame Street Comic Book!

Stay tuned for our editor’s picks and winners in just a few days!

Dave Hulteen - Guy Smiley as GambitGuy Smiley as Gambit by Dave Hulteen

Jarrod Fairclough - OscfieldOscar as Garfield by Jarrod Fairclough

Jerry Harney - Bert Ernie as PeanutsBert and Ernie as Charlie Brown and Lucy by Jerry Harney

Jude Leistra - Elmo as The FlashElmo as The Flash by Jude Leistra

Kyle Wilkinson - Oscar Telly as Garfield OdieOscar and Telly as Garfield and Odie by Kyle Wilkinson

Kyle Wilkinson - Telly Big Bird Barkley as PeanutsTelly, Big Bird, and Barkley as Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and Snoopy by Kyle Wilkinson

Matthew Soberman - Little Orphan Abby“Little Orphan Abby” by Matthew Soberman

Michael Bardouniotis - SpiderErnieErnie as Spider-Man by Mike Bardouniotis

Nate Puppets - Grundgetta as Tank GirlGrundgetta as Tank Girl by Nate Puppets

Nate Puppets - Telly as Zippy the PinheadTelly as Zippy the Pinhead by Nate Puppets

Noel Schornhorst - Snuffy as Buffy“Snuffy the Vampire Slayer” by Noel Schornhorst

Smig - Bob and Oscar as Jon and GarfieldBob and Oscar as Jon and Garfield by Smig

Smig - Broom Hilda as AbbyBroom-Hilda as Abby Cadabby by Smig

Smig - Cookie Eater LadCookie Monster as Matter-Eater Lad by Smig

Smig - Herry as LoboHerry Monster as Lobo by Smig

Smig - Oscar Telly as PeanutsOscar and Telly as Lucy and Charlie Brown by Smig

Smig - Prairie Dawn as Invisible WomanPrairie Dawn as The Invisible Woman by Smig

Smig - Slimey as Mr MindSlimey the Worm as Mister Mind by Smig

Smig - Tub-MarinerErnie as “The Tub-Mariner” by Smig

Spencer Cohen - Cookie as GroddCookie Monster as Gorilla Grodd by Spencer Cohen

Wout van Galen - Big Bird as Donald DuckBig Bird as Donald Duck by Wout Van Galen

A million thanks to each of you who sent in your Sesame/comic entries!  Stay tuned for our winners and editor’s picks shortly!

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