RIP Michael Gambon of The Storyteller

Published: September 28, 2023
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The Guardian and various other outlets are reporting today that the accomplished actor Michael Gambon has died at the age of 82. Gambon was a prolific performer, with 172 IMDb credits to his name, ranging from 1965 to 2019, as well as many, many stage credits. An entire generation knows him best as the second actor to play Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies (after the death of the original Dumbledore, Richard Harris).

As fans of the Jim Henson Creature Shop, we also remember his role as the titular Storyteller in the four episodes of The Storyteller: Greek Myths, in which he used his impressive voice to relate tales of Minotaurs and Medusa and various other fantastic creatures. Gambon also provided the voice of the intimidating Ultragorgon puppet in the Jim Henson Hour episode “Monster Maker.”

Gambon’s screen presence made him the perfect choice to portray both of these Henson characters — and somehow, just like John Hurt in the original run of The Storyteller, he convinced us to take him seriously while also talking to a dog puppet.

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