ToughPigs Goes to the Movies!

Published: December 27, 2011
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Gathering Muppet fans together is always interesting.  Since so many different types of people love the Muppets, our get-togethers tend to be more diverse than anyone could expect.  On November 23, we amassed a group of ToughPigs readers for the premiere of The Muppets, and that theory was tested and proven true.

We had superfans and casual fans, shy and outgoing, parents and kids-at-heart, ToughPigs forum members and people we were meeting for the very first time, Americans and… other.

Thanks to superstar Dave Hulteen (who handled the filming and editing of what you’re about to see), we shot a short video about our experience watching the new Muppet movie.  Since chances are you weren’t able to join us back on the premiere day, we consider this to be the next best thing.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on November 23, and double thanks to Dave for all his hard work!

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by Joe Hennes –

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